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    Live Blog: Penn State vs. Boston College

    The sun is setting in New York, and it’s almost time for the New Era Pinstripe Bowl between Penn State (6-6, 2-6 Big Ten) and Boston College (7-5, 4-4 ACC) here at Yankee Stadium. The sky is rather clear as the Eagles’ marching band is performing its pregame show. Stay tuned for updates as kickoff draws closer.

    There are plenty of Nittany Lions faithful who made the trip to New York for today’s bowl game, Penn State’s first since the 2011 season. They made themselves heard when the Lions took the field moments ago.

    Penn State won the coin toss and elected to receive the opening kickoff.


    First Quarter

    15:00: Touchback: Boston College’s kickoff sailed into the end zone.

    14:55: Bill Belton starts at running back and carries the ball on the Lions’ first play for a 7-yard gain up the middle.

    14:19: Christian Hackenberg zipped a pass to the side to DaeSean Hamilton, and the receiver moved the chains with a catch.

    13:48: On the next play, Hackenberg found Belton to the outside, and he gained seven yards before going out of bounds on the catch and run.

    12:36: Boston College finally holds Penn State to no yardage on a play, an incomplete pass on first down. Before that, Akeel Lynch took a carry for seven yards and a first down, and tight end Kyle Carter picked up 11 yards on a reception.

    11:55: Following a loss on a carry by receiver Saeed Blacknall, Penn State lined up for third-and-11 and then took a timeout. Then the Lions were called for a false start, moving them back five yards.

    11:48: Hackenberg went deep to Geno Lewis and nearly found the receiver inside the 10-yard line, but his pass ultimately fell incomplete.

    11:40: Daniel Pasquariello’s punt goes 29 yards and sets BC up at its own 16-yard line.

    11:33: Jon Hilliman took a carry on first down and was stuffed five yards behind the line by Anthony Zettel.

    10:14: Hilliman got back to the line of scrimmage on second down, but Tyler Murphy’s deep ball on third down soared too far down the sideline. That’s a three-and-out for the Eagles, who punted to the 32-yard line (Jesse Della Valle called a fair catch).

    9:29: Following a 2-yard gain by Akeel Lynch, Hackenberg found Saeed Blacknall at the sideline as he broke away from his defender on an out route. Blacknall made the catch and got a foot in before stepping out of bounds, moving the chains on a 15-yard play.

    9:00: Hackenberg found Kyle Carter on the next play for a 9-yard grab, and then Boston College was called offside to bring up another fresh set of downs.

    8:22: Lynch runs for four yards, but the Lions are flagged for an illegal formation on the next play (which was an incomplete deep pass, anyway). Second-and-11 upcoming for the Lions.

    8:15: Hackenberg looks for DaeSean Hamilton down the left side of the field but was just off with is pass. Third and long now.

    8:08: Geno Lewis broke to the sideline and Hackenberg threw his way. The pass sailed over the sideline, though, and the Lions will be forced to punt again.

    8:00: Daniel Pasquariello’s punt bounced into the end zone, and Boston College will get the ball back at its own 20-yard line.

    7:49: Jon Hilliman took a carry and appeared to get through the line untouched, running 44 yards down the right side to start the Eagles’ second drive.

    7:17: The Eagles went for a knockout punch with a deep pass on the next play, but it was overthrown by a stride.

    7:13: Sherman Alston dropped a quick pass to the side, and BC is now looking at third-and-10.

    6:23: Alston gained six yards on a reception and the Eagles went for it on fourth down, facing a short field but a tough field goal. Quarterback Tyler Murphy took off the right, stopped and fired across field to Josh Bordner, who was wide open near the line, but he couldn’t haul in the pass. Penn State takes over on downs.

    5:35: Following a Belton run for three yards, Hackenberg fired over the middle to DaeSean Hamilton. The receiver appeared to have initially made the catch, but he dropped the ball before establishing possession. Penn State looks at third-and-7.

    5:35: Andrew Nelson is called offside, moving the Lions back to third-and-12.

    5:22: TOUCHDOWN: Hackenberg threw deep down the right sideline to Chris Godwin, who made the catch in stride and avoided getting tripped up on his way to the end zone. That’s a 72-yard reception for Godwin, and the Nittany Lions take a 7-0 lead.

    4:39: TOUCHDOWN: Following a failed trick onside kick (Troy Apke was ruled out of bounds on his recovery), Jon Hilliman rushed for three yards before busting out a 46-yard carry to the end zone. He’s now at 96 rushing yards on five carries, and the Eagles and Lions are tied again, 7-7.

    4:39: Boston College’s kick went out of bounds, giving Penn State the ball at the 35-yard line.

    4:07: DaeSean Hamilton started things off with a 9-yard catch that stood after a review of the play.

    3:46: Akeel Lynch picked up a couple yards on the next play to move the chains.

    3:16: Hackenberg steps up in the pocket to pass and is met by an Eagle, Brian Mihalik, who dropped up for a six-yard sack.

    2:04: Following a 13-yard completion to Godwin, the Lions threw on third-and-3. Hackenberg’s pass to Jesse James was complete, and James barely got to the chains before being pushed back. First down.

    1:25: Hackenberg looked to Godwin again and threw an incompletion with double coverage blanketing the receiver. Holding was called on the defense, though, and the Lions get a first down.

    1:19: Belton caught a short pass over the middle for a 7-yard gain.

    0:00: After Belton lost a yard on a carry up the middle, Hackenberg took a snap from the shotgun on third-and-4. He found Godwin, who got some separation and caught a 7-yard pass. First down Penn State.

    The clock ran out after Godwin’s catch to end the first quarter. Penn State and Boston College are tied, 7-7.


    Second Quarter

    14:57: TURNOVER: Hackenberg fumbled the snap and tackle Truman Gutapfel recovered for Boston College. The Eagles will take over at their own 22-yard line.

    14:15: Hilliman started things for BC with a carry for a yard, and then Penn State was called offside on the next play to bring up second-and-4.

    13:47: Hilliman gained three more yards on a carry to the outside, bringing up third-and-1.

    13:23: Hilliman got hit before the marker on a third-down carry, but he spun as he went to the ground to get the necessary yardage. First down BC.

    12:04: Following a 5-yard completion, quarterback Tyler Murphy took off and ran for 14 yards on a first down.

    11:26: Charlie Callinan was all by himself near the first down marker and Murphy threw his way, but the receiver dropped a diving catch.

    11:19: Myles Willis took a carry and gained three yards, so BC will look at third-and-7.

    10:36: Murphy threw low to Sherman Alston, who didn’t make the catch but dove short of the first down anyway. Boston College will punt.

    10:28: Jesse Della Valle calls for a fair catch on a 30-yard punt, giving the Lions the ball at their own 15-yard line.

    9:03: Penn State goes three-and-out. Akeel Lynch ran for six and three yards before getting nothing on a third-down carry.

    Interesting to note on this drive: Miles Dieffenbach, who appeared hurt on the final play of the first quarter, did not return to the huddle on this drive.

    8:28: Pasquariello’s punt goes 38 yards, handing the Eagles the ball at the 28-yard line following a fair catch.

    6:57: Boston College, which started its drive with two runs for five yards, initially kept its drive alive with a huge play before getting hit with a flag for having an ineligible man downfield. On third-and-5, Murphy avoided a sack and launched a deep ball that was brought in, but he’ll now have to face third-and-10.

    6:31: Murphy was rushed and couldn’t find an open man. An incompletion forces another BC punt.

    6:22: A fair catch by Della Valle gives Penn State possession at its own 28-yard line.

    6:15: Hackenberg lobbed a deep pass over the middle to Chris Godwin on first down, but nice man coverage helped force an incompletion. Godwin nearly made a big play, though.

    5:23: Following an 8-yard sack, Hackenberg dropped back and took off on third down, gaining five yards. A holding penalty was declined and Penn State will punt again.

    5:14: Pasquariello’s 37-yard punt is downed by a fair catch at the 37-yard line.

    5:07: Boston College shifted players to the right and Hilliman ran the same direction, getting stuffed after a yard. After the play, unsportsmanlike conduct was called on the Eagles and pushed them back to second-and-24.

    4:44: Myles Willis ran up the middle for 11 yards, setting up third-and-13.

    3:55: Murphy got a pass out just before getting hit, but his completion to Marcus Outlow was well short of the first down.

    3:16: BC punted to the Penn State 33-yard line, where Della Valle called for a fair catch.

    3:09: Belton caught a quick pass and got back to the line of scrimmage on first down.

    2:28: Lynch carried up second down and gained about five yards to set up a manageable third-and-5.

    1:46: Hackenberg’s pass falls incomplete, and the Nittany Lions will punt.

    1:46: Penn State is flagged for a false start and now is faced with fourth-and-10.

    1:30: After the flag, Sherman Alston bobbled the punt and ran around the end. He had plenty of room to run and got a few blocks (although one appeared to be a block in the back) en route to a 24-yard return to just near midfield.

    1:14: Tyler Murphy ran for two yards, and Boston College calls a timeout.

    1:09: Myles Willis ran up the middle for a few more yards, bringing up third-and-5. The Eagles take their second timeout and are 46 yards from the end zone.

    0:56: Murphy kept it for himself and was stood up a yard short of the first down.

    0:41: Boston College lines up to go for it on fourth-and-1 from the 42-yard line, and Penn State uses its second timeout.

    0:36: Hilliman gets two yards for the first down.

    0:35: Murphy spikes the ball to stop the clock. It’s second-and-10 now for BC, with the ball at the 40-yard line.

    0:29: Murphy ran the ball and gained a few yards, but a false start penalty was assessed to the Eagles. The game clock will be reset to 35 seconds, and it’s now second-and-15.

    0:26: Josh Bordner caught a short pass and moved four yards. Facing third-and-11, Boston College takes its third and final timeout of the half.

    Bordner was shaken up after the ball and walked off the field with his arms around two BC trainers.

    0:22: Marcus Outlow ran up the middle and was stopped two yards behind the line by Anthony Zettel. Fourth down.

    0:00: The Eagles let the clock run out, and it’s halftime. Penn State and Boston College are still tied at 7-7, and the Eagles will get the ball following the break.


    Some halftime stats:

    Penn State allowed a 100-yard rusher in just the first half. That title belongs to Jon Hilliman, whose 11 carries have gotten him 114 yards and a touchdown. Meanwhile, quarterback Tyler Murphy, a dual-threat quarterback, is at 22 yards on four carries. He’s passed for 4-for-11 and 19 yards.

    Christian Hackenberg is looking like the quarterback fans are more accustomed to. He’s 13-of-20 for 168 yards and a touchdown, a 72-yard completion on a deep pass to Chris Godwin.

    Penn State’s leading rusher is Akeel Lynch, who has 29 yards on eight carries. An injury to guard Miles Dieffenbach won’t make things easier for the back should he not return.

    There were nine punts between the two teams in the first half. Daniel Pasquariello’s five punts averaged 37 yards, a bit behind Alex Howell’s 39.3-yard average. Field position could be huge down the stretch if neither team can separate itself early in the second half.


    Third Quarter

    14:52: Myles Willis scooped up a bouncing kick and returned it 32 yards to the 40-yard line, where Boston College will start the second half’s opening drive.

    14:45: Tyler Murphy quickly moves BC across midfield with a 14-yard run.

    14:15: Jon Hilliman gains six yards up the middle on first down.

    12:44: After Murphy barely got back to the line on a run, Boston College went to the shotgun on third-and-4. Outlow took a hand-off and fell forward to pick up the first down, a 7-yard gain.

    12:10: Marcus Outlow ran again, gaining three yards up the middle.

    11:28: Outlow gets another touch and stumbles forward to gain a couple yards. Boston College faces third-and-5.

    10:46: Murphy completes a shovel pass to Outlow, who goes up the middle but falls short of the first down. BC will go for it on fourth-and-1.

    10:02: Murphy drops back and hits Shakim Phillips for an 8-yard reception and a first down. Boston College is now inside the red zone, at the 18-yard line.

    9:26: Hilliman tries to bounce a run outside and is wrapped up by end Deion Barnes two yards behind the line.

    8:48: Hilliman tried to get to the outside again and got back to the line. Boston College faces third-and-12 now.

    8:07: TOUCHDOWN: Murphy dropped back with time and completed a pass to Shakim Phillips. Phillips broke toward the front pylon and had a few feet of space between him and Marcus Allen.

    The extra point is good, and Boston College now leads 14-7.

    Tonight’s attendance is 49,012. That’s the second-largest football crowd in the history of the new Yankee Stadium, behind Notre Dame-Army in 2010.

    7:59: Penn State will take over at the 19-yard line following the return.

    7:34: Akeel Lynch started the drive with a carry for a yard. On the next play, Boston College was flagged for an illegal substitution, so Penn State will face second-and-4 from the 25.

    7:06: Lynch carried again, gaining five yards and moving the chains. There’s a timeout on the field for an injured Boston College player.

    6:46: Lynch got nowhere on another carry, and the Lions hurry things up and go back to the line.

    6:22: Hackenberg throws over the middle to Lynch, who falls to the ground a yard short of the marker. The Lions quickly get back to the line again.

    6:09: Penn State is flagged for a false start, so a very short third down is now a third-and-6.

    5:37: Hackenberg hit Geno Lewis at the sideline for a first down, a 12-yard completion.

    5:21: Hackenberg finds Lewis again for a six-yard gain, and Penn State hurries up again.

    5:03: Chris Godwin gets a sideline pass for another first down, and Penn State is now 40 yards from the end zone.

    4:54: Another sideline pass goes out of bounds and incomplete, and the Lions will slow down for now and huddle.

    4:47: Geno Lewis catches another pass before stepping out of bounds, gaining 11 yards and a first down.

    4:21: Hackenberg looked deep to DaeSean Hamilton but was off the mark, bringing up second-and-10.

    4:15: Mike Gesicki got his hands on a high pass but didn’t reel in a leaping grab. It’s now third-and-10 at the 29-yard line.

    4:10: Hackenberg set up in the shotgun and fumbled the snap, and Boston College’s Matt Milano recovered. It’ll be the Eagles’ ball at the 37-yard line.

    4:02: Hilliman gained eight yards on the first play of this drive.

    3:24: Hilliman bounces out to the left side and gains 12 yards to move the chains. The Eagles are across midfield now.

    2:56: Myles Willis carries up the middle and gains two or three yards on first down. BC is at the 40-yard line.

    2:12: TOUCHDOWN: Tyler Murphy holds onto the ball and runs himself. The quarterback used a few moves, including a juke inside to start the run and another cut inside the 5, to reach the end zone. The spot of the ball is being reviewed.

    The ruling on the field stands. Touchdown.

    The extra point is good, and Boston College’s lead now stands at 21-7 with time running out in the third quarter.

    2:04: Von Walker found a seam on the kick return and was dangerously close to breaking free. He reached PSU’s 37-yard line, good field position for Hackenberg and the Lions.

    1:35: Following a short, 1-yard completion to DaeSean Hamilton, Bill Belton drops a short pass over the middle to bring up third-and-9.

    1:27: Hackenberg threw deep down the left sideline to Geno Lewis. Lewis used some muscle to make the grab before getting forced out of bounds. A facemask penalty was called on BC, so Penn State is suddenly 15 yards from the end zone.

    0:58: Hackenberg stepped up and scrambled on first down, gaining four yards.

    0:20: Lynch ran up the middle for four more yards.

    0:00: TOUCHDOWN: Penn State scrambled to get one more play off before the end of the quarter, and Hackenberg took a snap with time running out. He threw a pass slightly behind Geno Lewis, and DB Justin Simmons got a hand on it. However, he tipped the ball into the end zone and Lewis ran underneath it for the score.

    The extra point is good, and the Eagles’ lead is cut in half to 21-14.


    Fourth Quarter

    14:48: Boston College tarts at the 19-yard line and initially moved the chains right away on a carry. But holding was called on the Eagles, so they’re backed up to first-and-20 from the 9.

    13:36: Hilliman gets stuffed for  no gain on first down, and then gains just a yard on second down.

    12:47: With the Lions’ fans getting loud, Outlow gained just five yards and brought up a punting situation for BC.

    12:21: Alex Howell’s punt goes 40 yards, and Penn State will take over at its own 45.

    12:00: Following a deep incompletion on first down, Hackenberg scrambled and slid for an 8-yard gain.

    11:47: On third-and-short, Chris Godwin brought in a pass at the 41-yard line for a first down.

    11:12: DaeSean Hamilton gets four quick yards on a screen play to the outside.

    10:57: Hackenberg looked for Hamilton again, but the pass hit the ground before the receiver could secure it. Third-and-6.

    10:49: Hackenberg throws over the middle to Hamilton, and tight coverage prevents the catch. With the ball at the 37-yard line, Penn State will punt.

    10:38: Pasquariello punted toward the corner, and the Lions had players ready to down the ball deep. But the punt took a Boston College bounce and was ultimately pinned down at the 15-yard line.

    10:33: Hilliman gets stopped for a gain of a yard on first down.

    9:53: Tyler Murphy faked a hand-off and corner Jordan Lucas stayed with the quarterback, dropping him for a six-yard loss.

    9:02: Murphy completes a pass to Outlow, but his run down the sideline was stopped three yards short of the first down.

    8:32: Boston College punts on fourth down and the kick goes out of bounds at Penn State’s on 45-yard line — right where the Lions started last drive.

    7:41: Nine-yard completions to Godwin and Lewis sandwiched a one-yard run by Lynch to start the drive. Then, Lynch bounced a carry to the outside, cut inside to avoid a tackle, shook off a shove and fell toward the goal line on a long carry. He was ruled inches short, but the officials will review this one.

    After further review, the call stands. Penn State still trails, and the officials received a decent amount of boos.

    7:11: Lynch ran up the middle and was stopped at the line. After the play, a flag was thrown for unsportsmanlike conduct on Penn State. That’ll move the Lions back to the 16-yard line for second-and-goal.

    6:48: TOUCHDOWN: One play after that 15-yard setback, DaeSean Hamilton cut toward the end zone and Hackenberg threaded the needle, hitting him in the end zone in stride.

    The extra point is good. It’s a tie game again, at 21-21.

    6:33: Boston College was set up at the 28-yard line and started the drive with a Tyler Murphy run for three yards.

    6:03: Murphy found Shakim Phillips at the sideline on second down. Phillips initially caught the ball but was hit hard by Trevor Williams, knocking the ball loose as he fell out of bounds. Although it appears a catch was made, the ruling was an incompletion and the officials will take a second look.

    The ruling on the field is confirmed: incomplete pass. It’s now third-and-7 for BC.

    5:56: Phillips catches a pass over the middle at the 44-yard line for a first down.

    5:26: Hilliman tries to run up the middle, but Austin Johnson gets in the backfield to bring him down for a loss of one.

    4:44: Tyler Murphy fakes a hand-off and runs to the outside, going untouched until he is brought down at the 31-yard line. First down.

    4:16: Hilliman gets three yards on a first-down carry.

    3:34: Hilliman took a run to the outside and got near the first down marker. He was hit as he reached the sideline, and a late hit was called on Adrian Amos after the play. Boston College now gets a fresh set of downs at the 11-yard line.

    3:07: Hilliman runs for two more yards before Penn State takes its first timeout of the half.

    3:01: The Eagles hand off to Hilliman again, who loses a yard on the carry. The Lions take their second timeout as the Eagles face third-and-8.

    2:53: Murphy runs six yards to the 3-yard line on third down. Penn State saves its final timeout and lets the clock run as BC sets up for the go-ahead field goal.

    2:10: FIELD GOAL: Mike Knoll’s 20-yard field goal is good.

    With the chip shot, the Eagles reclaim the lead at 24-21.

    2:05: Grant Haley’s return gives the Nittany Lions the ball at the 24-yard line.

    1:58: Hackenberg hits DaeSean Hamilton on the sideline, but he couldn’t get out of bounds on the 6-yard play.

    1:37: Jesse James takes a pass to the left and steps out of bounds. First down Penn State at the 38.

    1:30: Hackenberg throws over the middle to Lynch, who gains two yards.

    1:12: Hackenberg finds Godwin breaking to the sideline. He hits him in stride, and Godwin is forced out of bounds at the 35-yard line.

    1:06: Lynch gets a short pass but is tackled after one yard with the cock ticking.

    0:42: Hackenberg scrambles and isi chased down from behind. He’s two yards short of the first down.

    0:25: On third-and-2, Lynch rushes and gains nothing. Penn State uses its final timeout of the half to stop the clock and regroup, and Sam Ficken takes the field to try to tie the game.

    0:20: FIELD GOAL: Ficken’s 44-yarder splits the uprights with ease. It’s now 24-24 with 20 seconds to play.

    0:00: Following the return, Boston College takes a knee.


    The Pinstripe Bowl is headed to overtime. Boston College will take the ball first.


    First Overtime

    Boston College ball

    First down: Hilliman runs for a yard.

    Second down: Murphy finds Dan Crimmins for a 3-yard reception.

    Third down: TOUCHDOWN: Murphy split coverage with his pass and hit David Dudeck, who stayed on his feet en route to a 21-yard touchdown reception.

    The extra point is wide and no good; Boston College takes a 30-24 lead.

    Penn State ball

    First down: Following a false start penalty, Hackenberg looked to Geno Lewis in the end zone but threw an incompletion.

    Second down: Hackenberg rolls out to the right and throws to Lewis again, but leads him too far toward the right sideline.

    Third down: Hackenberg hit Jesse James, and the tight end used space and his size to get to the chains. First down Penn State at the 13-yard line.

    First down: Akeel  Lynch loses a yard on a carry.

    Second down: Hackenberg finds Geno Lewis for a 5-yard reception.

    Third down: TOUCHDOWN: Hackenberg lobs up a pass to tight end Kyle Carter, who comes down with it in the end zone.

    Sam Ficken’s game-winning extra point is good.

    It took overtime to decide a victory, but the Nittany Lions cap their 2014 season with a 31-30 victory in the New Era Pinstripe Bowl.

    Live Blog: Penn State vs. Michigan State

    It’s Senior Day at Penn State, as the Nittany Lions host Michigan State in their regular season finale.


    First Quarter

    14:46: The 6-5 Nittany Lions kicked off first, and they started the game on a low note. R.J. Shelton stayed on his feet and found room to run down the left sideline, going 90 yards for a kick return touchdown. That gives the Spartans an early 7-0 lead.

    14:46: Michigan State’s ensuing kickoff went into the end zone, giving Penn State possession at the 25-yard line off a touchback.

    14:39: DaeSean Hamilton took a wide receiver screen on the Lions’ first play from scrimmage and got plenty of room from his blockers. He picked up a first down with a 17-yard gain.

    14:09: Bill Belton, wearing No. 28 today in honor of injured senior Zach Zwinak, got a pass from Christian Hackenberg over the middle and gained 12 yards for another first down. Penn State is a few yards past midfield now.

    13:05: After Akeel Lynch gained three yards on the ground, Hackenberg and Kyle Carter couldn’t connect on a pass to the sideline. That brings up third down at the Michigan State 42-yard line.

    12:59: Kyle Carter stopped at the first down marker wide open, and Hackenberg hits him for a 9-yard gain and a first down.

    11:53: Following a Chris Godwin carry around the end for no gain, Hackenberg looked deep to the end zone but overthrew the tight coverage. Third down upcoming.

    11:49: Jesse James was targeted over the middle on third down, but he slipped as Hackenberg threw the ball. The pass fell incomplete, and Penn State’s special teams will come out for a field goal attempt.

    11:44: Sam Ficken’s 51-yard field goal attempt was nowhere close. It fell well short of the goal posts, as if it was tipped at the line, but no block was credited on the play. That makes the try Ficken’s first miss that wasn’t blocked all season.

    10:57: Taking over at the 34-yard line, Michigan State started its first offensive drive with a 5-yard rush by Jeremy Langford. On the next play, Austin Johnson was flagged 15 yards for hands to the face, giving the Spartans a first down.

    10:53: Langford took another carry 17 yards down the right sideline for another MSU first down.

    10:28: Langford got the ball again, gaining seven yards.

    8:58: Langford lost a yard on second down before Connor Cook found Keith Mumphery through the air for a 4-yard gain and a first down. On the next play, Cook looked to the right side of the end zone, but Jordan Lucas was there to break the play up.

    8:52: Cook looked to the end zone again, this time to the left side, and Adrian Amos batted the pass down with one hand.

    8:46: Cook threw again, over the middle now, and Mike Hull was in the right place at the right time to defend the pass. The three consecutive incompletions bring up a field goal situation for the Spartans.

    8:41: Michael Geiger’s 36-yard field goal attempt is good.

    With the field goal, the Spartans’ lead now sits at 10-0.

    8:36: Grant Haley brings the kickoff to the 21-yard line.

    7:12: Akeel Lynch started Penn State’s drive with a 2-yard rush and a 3-yard reception. On third down, Hackenberg found DaeSean Hamilton at the sideline, who ran for a few yards to gain 11 yards and a first down.

    6:41: Hackenberg went deep with the new set of downs, but Geno Lewis was covered well downfield. He tried to come back to the ball but couldn’t quite make the catch in one-on-one coverage. With no penalty, some boos broke out from the stands.

    5:55: A 3-yard reception by Kyle Carter is followed by an incompletion to Jesse James, bringing up fourth down.

    5:48: Daniel Pasquariello punts for 40 yards, and a fair catch gives Michigan State the ball at its own 20-yard line.

    5:42: Jeremy Langford continues to move the ball well on the ground. He starts the Spartans’ drive with a 13-yard carry for a first down.

    5:12: Langford gets a carry again, and he gains nine yards on the play.

    3:57: After Langford moved the chains with a four-yard carry, Cook hit Tony Lippett for a 15-yard completion. Lippett fell to the ground as he made the catch, removing the possibility for any YAC.

    1:23: Langford lost a yard on a carry before Lippett gained another 15 yards on a reception. Connor Cook took off on a scramble to the right on the next play, and linebacker Nyeem Wartman delivered a hard hit at the sideline to stop Cook for a three-yard gain. Macgarrett Kings then ran four yards to set up third-and-3.

    0:18: Michigan State was forced to go for another field goal. An illegal procedure penalty set the Spartans back five yards on third down, and Cooks pass to Lippett was batted down by Trevor Williams before it got to the receiver.

    0:09: Geiger’s ensuing field goal, 39-yarder, was good. Haley returned the kickoff that followed 22 yards to the 26-yard line.

    0:00: Akeel Lynch lost a yard on the opening play of Penn State’s drive.

    That ends the quarter. Penn State trails Michigan State after 15 minutes, 13-0, but the damage could have been much worse if the Spartans found the end zone. The Nittany Lions will look at second-and-11 from their own 25-yard line when the second quarter begins.


    Second Quarter

    14:54: Hackenberg starts the second quarter by threading the needle on a pass to Jesse James in the middle of some coverage. That was a 9-yard play that brings up a short third down.

    14:12: Geno Lewis caught a pass on a slant to the inside and gained 11 yards for the first down.

    13:39: Tight end Mike Gesicki was left alone at the sideline, and he caught a pass wide open and ran for a 30-yard gain. Another first down for Penn State, which is now at the MSU 28-yard line.

    13:17: One play after Hackenberg threw incomplete to Hamilton, Chris Godwin took a pitch around the end. The receiver picked up a yard, and third-and-9 is upcoming for PSU.

    12:37: Hackenberg didn’t get much time and is wrapped and finally sacked for a 9-yard loss on third down. The loss pushed Penn State back to the 36-yard line and out of field goal range, so the Lions will punt.

    11:52: Pasquariello punts, and Michigan State is pinned deep after his 34-yard kick is downed at the 2-yard line.

    13:06: Delton Williams ran for three yards to help Michigan State get away from the end zone. On the next play, though, Williams gets the hand-off again and is taken down by Nyeem Wartman at the 4-yard line for a loss of one yard.

    10:17: Damion Terry, in at quarterback for Michigan State this drive, threw incomplete on third down. That forced a Spartans punt, and Jesse Della Valle took a fair catch at the MSU 41-yard line to give Penn State a short field.

    9:33: Akeel Lynch took a short pass for a gain of a yard on first down. On the next play, Christian Hackenberg took a snap in the shotgun and tried a wide receiver screen to DaeSean Hamilton. The receiver made the catch but had no blocking help, so he was brought down immediately for a 6-yard loss.

    8:43: Hackenberg had man coverage down the sideline on third down and threw to Geno Lewis, but his pass overthrew Lewis by a few yards. Daniel Pasquariello comes out to punt.

    8:36: With a fair catch, Michigan State gets possession at the 12-yard line.

    8:32: Connor Cook is back in at quarterback for the Spartans. Jeremy Langford takes a hand-off from Cook to start the drive and gains two yards.

    7:51: Cook tried a play-action pass on second down and got pressured as he looked for someone to throw to. He evaded the first tackle but was brought down hard by Anthony Zettel, forcing third-and-15 from the 7-yard line.

    7:02: Cook faced pressure again as he dropped back. The quarterback was in the end zone and still in the pocket as he threw the ball away, but a receiver was near the pass so no intentional grounding was called.

    6:50: Michigan State’s punt by Mike Sadler was nearly blocked in the end zone, but he got the kick off. Jesse Della Valle fielded the line drive and returned it seven yards to MSU’s 40-yard line.

    6:45: Akeel Lynch starts things off with a 3-yard carry.

    6:05: Hackenberg throws incomplete on second down, but a flag was thrown: holding on Michigan State. The penalty moves the Lions to the 27-yard line and gives them a fresh set of downs.

    6:00: Lynch runs for three yards on first down.

    5:21: Hackenberg looks near the end zone for DaeSean Hamilton, but there’s tight man coverage on him and the pass falls incomplete. Third down upcoming.

    5:21: A false start penalty is called, moving PSU to third-and-12 at the 29-yard line.

    5:11: Hackenberg is rushed on third down but he scrambles forward for a 6-yard gain. That moves the Lions close enough to allow Sam Ficken to try a field goal.

    4:34: Ficken’s second try, this time from 41 yards out, is good.

    With the field goal, Michigan State’s lead now sits at 13-3.

    Ficken’s field goal is his 23rd of the year, the most ever by a Nittany Lion in a single season.

    4:23: Michigan State’s offense sets up shop at the 22-yard line, and its drive starts with a 3-yard carry by Langford.

    3:41: Langford gains another six on the ground, and MSU is looking at a short third-and-1.

    3:00: As the play clock runs out, Michigan State is given its first timeout of the half.

    2:55: Langford takes a carry up the middle for two yards, moving the chains.

    2:26: Nyeem Wartman sneaks into the backfield and cuts off a running lane for Langford. He gets only two yards on his first-down carry.

    1:49: Connor Cook throws a bit too low toward Aaron Burbridge, bringing up a long third down.

    1:42: Cook hits Kings downfield for an 18-yard completion and a first down, moving the Spartans across midfield to the 47-yard line.

    1:24: One play after Cook threw an incompletion, an illegal formation penalty moves Michigan back behind midfield. The Spartans face second-and-15.

    0:54: Cook had time to make a deep throw on second-and-long but overthrew Josiah Price, who was looking for a flag after the pass fell incomplete. Third down upcoming.

    0:54: Michigan State calls another timeout with the play clock winding down.

    0:54: The Spartans are flagged for a false start, moving the Spartans farther back. They now look at a third-and-20 situation.

    0:45: C.J. Olaniyan hits Connor Cook as he throws the ball, and the contact directs Cook’s pass to Anthony Zettel. The defensive tackle picks off the pass and returns it seven yards to the 36-yard line. Penn State ball.

    0:32: Hackenberg hits Jesse James for a 9-yard gain to start Penn State’s drive. On the next play, he goes deep down the left side to Chris Godwin. Godwin bobbles the ball and catches it, but his back foot is out of bounds. A quick review confirms the ruling on the field.

    0:28: Akeel Lynch runs up the gut for a first down and a four-yard gain. Penn State is now 23 yards out, and the team takes its first timeout of the half.

    0:23: Hackenberg throws out of bounds on first down.

    0:17: Hackenberg goes to the end zone and targets Chris Godwin. Godwin reaches and gets to the ball, but deflects off him and into Trae Waynes’ hands for an interception. Michigan State ball.

    0:00: A kneel-down ends the half.

    At halftime, Michigan State leads Penn State, 13-3.


    Some halftime stats:

    Michigan State holds a slight lead in total offense, 122 to 118 yards. The Spartans have 70 rushing yards and 52 passing yards, while the Nittany Lions have 12 rushing yards and 106 passing yards.

    Christian Hackenberg is 12-of-23 with 106 yards through the air. He has an interception, but it was tipped by Chris Godwin in the end zone and could have easily been a touchdown just before halftime.

    Jeremy Langford has 13 carries for 69 yards for the Spartans, while Akeel Lynch leads Penn State’s rushing with just 14 yards on six carries.

    Mike Hull leads all players with nine tackles, while Anthony Zettel has a game-high two tackles for a loss so far.


    Third Quarter

    15:00: After a touchback, Penn State takes over at the 25-yard line to start the second half.

    14:54: Christian Hackenberg hits DaeSean Hamilton on a quick slant for eight yards to start the drive.

    14:23: Belton carries for three yards on the next play to move the chains.

    13:50: Lynch runs for three yards with the fresh set of downs.

    13:11: DaeSean Hamilton takes a screen pass and has good blcoking around him. He runs down the sideline for a 12-yard gain and a first down.

    12:41: Lynch runs for no gain on first down.

    12:04: The Spartans blitz on second down and Hackenberg is dropped for a 12-yard sack. Penn State faces third-and-22 at its own 39-yard line now.

    11:17: A delay of game penalty is called on Penn State, forcing third-and-27.

    10:46: Hackenberg has plenty of time on third-and-long, steps up and fires deep to Saeed Blacknall, but good man coverage forces the pass to fall incomplete.

    10:35: Daniel Pasquariello’s punt travels 29 yards and is downed at Michigan State’s 37-yard line.

    10:30: Connor Cook starts the Spartans’ drive with an incompletion to the right side.

    10:23: Langford runs up the middle for two yards, bringing up third down.

    9:44: Cook has some time in the pocket and finds Keith Mumphery downfield with some space. He connects with him for a 25-yard reception and afirst down.

    9:14: Kings gets behind Penn State’s secondary over the middle and gains 31 yards on another pass from Cook. Michigan State is at the 5-yard line.

    8:04: Langford rushes for two yards and then for no gain, bringing up third and goal from the 3-yard line.

    7:24: Touchdown: Langford gets another carry, inside the left tackle. Nyeem Wartman made contact before the goal line, but Langford kept moving and brought the linebacker into the end zone.

    The extra point is good. Michigan State now leads 20-3.

    7:12: Penn State’s offense took the field at the 23-yard line and exited right away. On first down, Christian Hackenberg was hit from behind as he motioned to throw the ball. It was jarred loose, and Taiwan Jones recovered to give Michigan State possession at the 18-yard line.

    6:29: Langford rushes for five yards before Cook takes off for a 7-yard gain to move the chains. The Spartans are looking at first-and-goal at the 6-yard line.

    5:53: Langford loses two yards on a rush to the right side.

    5:09: R.J. Shelton gets a carry and he also loses two yards. Third down.

    4:29: Touchdown: Wide receiver Tony Lippett jumps and makes a catch in the end zone, a 10-yard touchdown reception.

    The extra point is good, and Michigan State stretches its lead to 27-3.

    4:23: Haley’s kick return sets up Penn State at the 21-yard line.

    4:16: Akeel Lynch gets thrown to the ground on a carry for no gain to begin the drive.

    3:41: Hackenberg throws to Geno Lewis and nearly gets picked off.

    3:35: Hackenberg gets hit right as he throws, but he finds Lewis for a 12-yard reception and a first down.

    3:17: Akeel Lynch rushes to the right and down the sideline 26 yards before he’s forced out of bounds. Another Penn State first down, and now the Lions are across midfield.

    2:42: Hackenberg throws to Kyle Carter, who leaps and hauls in the throw for a 16-yard catch. First down.

    2:24: Hackenberg throws incomplete on first down.

    2:18: Hackenberg follows up a 9-yard completion to Saeed Blacknall with a 13-yard throw to DaeSean Hamilton, moving the Lions to the 3-yard line.

    1:41: Demetrious Cox gets a hand in front of Hackenberg’s pass to Blacknall in the end zone, stopping a touchdown.

    1:37: Touchdown: Akeel Lynch takes a carry from the shotgun and finds room to run up the middle for a 3-yard touchdown run.

    Ficken’s extra point is good, and Penn State cuts into Michigan State’s lead, which now stands at 27-10.

    1:29: Michigan State takes the field at the 28-yard line after a 27-yard return by Shelton.

    1:24: Langford takes a carry for four yards to start things off for the Spartans.

    0:35: Langford runs a draw from the shotgun and stretches out for a 3-yard gain.

    0:00: Cook hits Burbridge after nearly missing the shotgun snap on third down, moving five yards and picking up another first down.

    That first down ends the third quarter. The Spartans lead 27-10 and will face first-and-10 from their own 40-yard line when play resumes.


    Fourth Quarter

    13:35: Burbridge started the quarter with a 16-yard reception from Cook, and a 1-yard gain on the ground by Langford brought up second down. On the next play, Cook hit Burbridge again for 11 yards and a first down.

    13:02: Tony Lippett was open at the right sideline for a 13-yard gain and another first down. Michigan State is now in the red zone, at the 19-yard line.

    12:30: A false start moves Michigan State out of the red zone and to the 24-yard line for first-and-15.

    11:59: Cook looked deep to Lippett, but his pass fell incomplete to bring up second-and-long.

    11:52: Cook faked a hand-off and ran for himself to the left, but Mike Hull was in the backfield to make a stop for a 3-yard loss. Third-and-18 is upcoming.

    11:05: Cook dumped off a pass over the middle to Langford at the line of scrimmage for no gain. The Spartans will try a field goal.

    10:27: Geiger’s field goal from 44 yards out goes wide and is short, anyway. Penn State gets the ball at the 27-yard line.

    9:54: Mike Gesicki gains three yards on a pass, and then Akeel Lynch picks up four yards on a carry up the middle to bring up third down.

    9:17: On third-and-7, Hackenberg throws over Geno Lewis to force a punt.

    9:05: Daniel Pasquariello gets a very nice initial bounce on his punt, and it rolls to the 3-yard line before being downed. That’s a 63-yard punt to pin the Spartans deep.

    8:09: A Langford rush for 2 yards and an incompletion brought up a quick third down, but the Spartans moved the chains on a 17-yard strike to Mumphery.

    7:33: With a fresh set of downs, Langford rushed for three yards. He’s now at 92 yards on 24 carries.

    6:52: Langford runs around the right side and gets four yards on the carry to set up a short third down.

    6:10: Langford runs again for a two-yard gain.

    6:05: With fourth-and-1 upcoming, Penn State takes a timeout.

    5:52: Michigan State punts 49 yards and gives Penn State possession at the 20-yard line.

    5:42: Jesse James takes a quick pass and gets 10 yards for a first down.

    5:30: Geno Lewis gets behind the defense and has a step or two on the coverage, but Hackenberg overthrows the receiver.

    5:26: Hackenberg gets pressured quickly and throws incomplete to Akeel Lynch, bringing up third-and-10.

    5:18: Akeel Lynch is called for a hold in the backfield as Hackenberg takes off to run. The 10-yard penalty moves Penn State back to its 20-yard line for third-and-20.

    5:02: Hackenberg evades pressure and ends up throwing out of bounds. There was another holding penalty on the play, but it’s declined and fourth-and-20 is upcoming. Penn State’s offense is staying on the field.

    4:56: Hackenberg gets rushed to the right and is knocked down as he throws out of bounds. That gives Michigan State the ball 20 yards out after the turnover on downs.

    4:48: Langford rushes up the middle for a 6-yard gain, pushing him over 100 yards.

    2:49: Langford carries on every play of the drive, which lasted four plays. He reached the end zone on a 6-yard carry for a touchdown.

    The extra point stretches Michigan State’s lead to 34-10.

    2:42: After the kick return, Penn State takes over at the 28-yard line.

    2:35: Hackenberg hits Lewis for a six-yard gain to start the drive.

    2:14: Hackenberg runs up the middle to avoid pressure on second down, gaining three yards to set up third-and-1. Penn State calls a timeout.

    2:06: Akeel Lynch gets nowhere on a carry, and Penn State stays on the field for fourth down.

    1:19: Lynch gets a yard on fourth down to move the chains. Two incompletions later, the Nittany Lions face third-and-10.

    1:10: Hackenberg throws to more incompletions, the latter of which is batted down at the line, and Michigan State gets the ball at the 38-yard line.

    0:00: After two kneel-downs, Michigan State wins 34-10.

    That’s the game. Penn State falls to 6-6 in its regular season finale.

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