• Live Blog: Penn State vs. Michigan State

    It’s Senior Day at Penn State, as the Nittany Lions host Michigan State in their regular season finale.


    First Quarter

    14:46: The 6-5 Nittany Lions kicked off first, and they started the game on a low note. R.J. Shelton stayed on his feet and found room to run down the left sideline, going 90 yards for a kick return touchdown. That gives the Spartans an early 7-0 lead.

    14:46: Michigan State’s ensuing kickoff went into the end zone, giving Penn State possession at the 25-yard line off a touchback.

    14:39: DaeSean Hamilton took a wide receiver screen on the Lions’ first play from scrimmage and got plenty of room from his blockers. He picked up a first down with a 17-yard gain.

    14:09: Bill Belton, wearing No. 28 today in honor of injured senior Zach Zwinak, got a pass from Christian Hackenberg over the middle and gained 12 yards for another first down. Penn State is a few yards past midfield now.

    13:05: After Akeel Lynch gained three yards on the ground, Hackenberg and Kyle Carter couldn’t connect on a pass to the sideline. That brings up third down at the Michigan State 42-yard line.

    12:59: Kyle Carter stopped at the first down marker wide open, and Hackenberg hits him for a 9-yard gain and a first down.

    11:53: Following a Chris Godwin carry around the end for no gain, Hackenberg looked deep to the end zone but overthrew the tight coverage. Third down upcoming.

    11:49: Jesse James was targeted over the middle on third down, but he slipped as Hackenberg threw the ball. The pass fell incomplete, and Penn State’s special teams will come out for a field goal attempt.

    11:44: Sam Ficken’s 51-yard field goal attempt was nowhere close. It fell well short of the goal posts, as if it was tipped at the line, but no block was credited on the play. That makes the try Ficken’s first miss that wasn’t blocked all season.

    10:57: Taking over at the 34-yard line, Michigan State started its first offensive drive with a 5-yard rush by Jeremy Langford. On the next play, Austin Johnson was flagged 15 yards for hands to the face, giving the Spartans a first down.

    10:53: Langford took another carry 17 yards down the right sideline for another MSU first down.

    10:28: Langford got the ball again, gaining seven yards.

    8:58: Langford lost a yard on second down before Connor Cook found Keith Mumphery through the air for a 4-yard gain and a first down. On the next play, Cook looked to the right side of the end zone, but Jordan Lucas was there to break the play up.

    8:52: Cook looked to the end zone again, this time to the left side, and Adrian Amos batted the pass down with one hand.

    8:46: Cook threw again, over the middle now, and Mike Hull was in the right place at the right time to defend the pass. The three consecutive incompletions bring up a field goal situation for the Spartans.

    8:41: Michael Geiger’s 36-yard field goal attempt is good.

    With the field goal, the Spartans’ lead now sits at 10-0.

    8:36: Grant Haley brings the kickoff to the 21-yard line.

    7:12: Akeel Lynch started Penn State’s drive with a 2-yard rush and a 3-yard reception. On third down, Hackenberg found DaeSean Hamilton at the sideline, who ran for a few yards to gain 11 yards and a first down.

    6:41: Hackenberg went deep with the new set of downs, but Geno Lewis was covered well downfield. He tried to come back to the ball but couldn’t quite make the catch in one-on-one coverage. With no penalty, some boos broke out from the stands.

    5:55: A 3-yard reception by Kyle Carter is followed by an incompletion to Jesse James, bringing up fourth down.

    5:48: Daniel Pasquariello punts for 40 yards, and a fair catch gives Michigan State the ball at its own 20-yard line.

    5:42: Jeremy Langford continues to move the ball well on the ground. He starts the Spartans’ drive with a 13-yard carry for a first down.

    5:12: Langford gets a carry again, and he gains nine yards on the play.

    3:57: After Langford moved the chains with a four-yard carry, Cook hit Tony Lippett for a 15-yard completion. Lippett fell to the ground as he made the catch, removing the possibility for any YAC.

    1:23: Langford lost a yard on a carry before Lippett gained another 15 yards on a reception. Connor Cook took off on a scramble to the right on the next play, and linebacker Nyeem Wartman delivered a hard hit at the sideline to stop Cook for a three-yard gain. Macgarrett Kings then ran four yards to set up third-and-3.

    0:18: Michigan State was forced to go for another field goal. An illegal procedure penalty set the Spartans back five yards on third down, and Cooks pass to Lippett was batted down by Trevor Williams before it got to the receiver.

    0:09: Geiger’s ensuing field goal, 39-yarder, was good. Haley returned the kickoff that followed 22 yards to the 26-yard line.

    0:00: Akeel Lynch lost a yard on the opening play of Penn State’s drive.

    That ends the quarter. Penn State trails Michigan State after 15 minutes, 13-0, but the damage could have been much worse if the Spartans found the end zone. The Nittany Lions will look at second-and-11 from their own 25-yard line when the second quarter begins.


    Second Quarter

    14:54: Hackenberg starts the second quarter by threading the needle on a pass to Jesse James in the middle of some coverage. That was a 9-yard play that brings up a short third down.

    14:12: Geno Lewis caught a pass on a slant to the inside and gained 11 yards for the first down.

    13:39: Tight end Mike Gesicki was left alone at the sideline, and he caught a pass wide open and ran for a 30-yard gain. Another first down for Penn State, which is now at the MSU 28-yard line.

    13:17: One play after Hackenberg threw incomplete to Hamilton, Chris Godwin took a pitch around the end. The receiver picked up a yard, and third-and-9 is upcoming for PSU.

    12:37: Hackenberg didn’t get much time and is wrapped and finally sacked for a 9-yard loss on third down. The loss pushed Penn State back to the 36-yard line and out of field goal range, so the Lions will punt.

    11:52: Pasquariello punts, and Michigan State is pinned deep after his 34-yard kick is downed at the 2-yard line.

    13:06: Delton Williams ran for three yards to help Michigan State get away from the end zone. On the next play, though, Williams gets the hand-off again and is taken down by Nyeem Wartman at the 4-yard line for a loss of one yard.

    10:17: Damion Terry, in at quarterback for Michigan State this drive, threw incomplete on third down. That forced a Spartans punt, and Jesse Della Valle took a fair catch at the MSU 41-yard line to give Penn State a short field.

    9:33: Akeel Lynch took a short pass for a gain of a yard on first down. On the next play, Christian Hackenberg took a snap in the shotgun and tried a wide receiver screen to DaeSean Hamilton. The receiver made the catch but had no blocking help, so he was brought down immediately for a 6-yard loss.

    8:43: Hackenberg had man coverage down the sideline on third down and threw to Geno Lewis, but his pass overthrew Lewis by a few yards. Daniel Pasquariello comes out to punt.

    8:36: With a fair catch, Michigan State gets possession at the 12-yard line.

    8:32: Connor Cook is back in at quarterback for the Spartans. Jeremy Langford takes a hand-off from Cook to start the drive and gains two yards.

    7:51: Cook tried a play-action pass on second down and got pressured as he looked for someone to throw to. He evaded the first tackle but was brought down hard by Anthony Zettel, forcing third-and-15 from the 7-yard line.

    7:02: Cook faced pressure again as he dropped back. The quarterback was in the end zone and still in the pocket as he threw the ball away, but a receiver was near the pass so no intentional grounding was called.

    6:50: Michigan State’s punt by Mike Sadler was nearly blocked in the end zone, but he got the kick off. Jesse Della Valle fielded the line drive and returned it seven yards to MSU’s 40-yard line.

    6:45: Akeel Lynch starts things off with a 3-yard carry.

    6:05: Hackenberg throws incomplete on second down, but a flag was thrown: holding on Michigan State. The penalty moves the Lions to the 27-yard line and gives them a fresh set of downs.

    6:00: Lynch runs for three yards on first down.

    5:21: Hackenberg looks near the end zone for DaeSean Hamilton, but there’s tight man coverage on him and the pass falls incomplete. Third down upcoming.

    5:21: A false start penalty is called, moving PSU to third-and-12 at the 29-yard line.

    5:11: Hackenberg is rushed on third down but he scrambles forward for a 6-yard gain. That moves the Lions close enough to allow Sam Ficken to try a field goal.

    4:34: Ficken’s second try, this time from 41 yards out, is good.

    With the field goal, Michigan State’s lead now sits at 13-3.

    Ficken’s field goal is his 23rd of the year, the most ever by a Nittany Lion in a single season.

    4:23: Michigan State’s offense sets up shop at the 22-yard line, and its drive starts with a 3-yard carry by Langford.

    3:41: Langford gains another six on the ground, and MSU is looking at a short third-and-1.

    3:00: As the play clock runs out, Michigan State is given its first timeout of the half.

    2:55: Langford takes a carry up the middle for two yards, moving the chains.

    2:26: Nyeem Wartman sneaks into the backfield and cuts off a running lane for Langford. He gets only two yards on his first-down carry.

    1:49: Connor Cook throws a bit too low toward Aaron Burbridge, bringing up a long third down.

    1:42: Cook hits Kings downfield for an 18-yard completion and a first down, moving the Spartans across midfield to the 47-yard line.

    1:24: One play after Cook threw an incompletion, an illegal formation penalty moves Michigan back behind midfield. The Spartans face second-and-15.

    0:54: Cook had time to make a deep throw on second-and-long but overthrew Josiah Price, who was looking for a flag after the pass fell incomplete. Third down upcoming.

    0:54: Michigan State calls another timeout with the play clock winding down.

    0:54: The Spartans are flagged for a false start, moving the Spartans farther back. They now look at a third-and-20 situation.

    0:45: C.J. Olaniyan hits Connor Cook as he throws the ball, and the contact directs Cook’s pass to Anthony Zettel. The defensive tackle picks off the pass and returns it seven yards to the 36-yard line. Penn State ball.

    0:32: Hackenberg hits Jesse James for a 9-yard gain to start Penn State’s drive. On the next play, he goes deep down the left side to Chris Godwin. Godwin bobbles the ball and catches it, but his back foot is out of bounds. A quick review confirms the ruling on the field.

    0:28: Akeel Lynch runs up the gut for a first down and a four-yard gain. Penn State is now 23 yards out, and the team takes its first timeout of the half.

    0:23: Hackenberg throws out of bounds on first down.

    0:17: Hackenberg goes to the end zone and targets Chris Godwin. Godwin reaches and gets to the ball, but deflects off him and into Trae Waynes’ hands for an interception. Michigan State ball.

    0:00: A kneel-down ends the half.

    At halftime, Michigan State leads Penn State, 13-3.


    Some halftime stats:

    Michigan State holds a slight lead in total offense, 122 to 118 yards. The Spartans have 70 rushing yards and 52 passing yards, while the Nittany Lions have 12 rushing yards and 106 passing yards.

    Christian Hackenberg is 12-of-23 with 106 yards through the air. He has an interception, but it was tipped by Chris Godwin in the end zone and could have easily been a touchdown just before halftime.

    Jeremy Langford has 13 carries for 69 yards for the Spartans, while Akeel Lynch leads Penn State’s rushing with just 14 yards on six carries.

    Mike Hull leads all players with nine tackles, while Anthony Zettel has a game-high two tackles for a loss so far.


    Third Quarter

    15:00: After a touchback, Penn State takes over at the 25-yard line to start the second half.

    14:54: Christian Hackenberg hits DaeSean Hamilton on a quick slant for eight yards to start the drive.

    14:23: Belton carries for three yards on the next play to move the chains.

    13:50: Lynch runs for three yards with the fresh set of downs.

    13:11: DaeSean Hamilton takes a screen pass and has good blcoking around him. He runs down the sideline for a 12-yard gain and a first down.

    12:41: Lynch runs for no gain on first down.

    12:04: The Spartans blitz on second down and Hackenberg is dropped for a 12-yard sack. Penn State faces third-and-22 at its own 39-yard line now.

    11:17: A delay of game penalty is called on Penn State, forcing third-and-27.

    10:46: Hackenberg has plenty of time on third-and-long, steps up and fires deep to Saeed Blacknall, but good man coverage forces the pass to fall incomplete.

    10:35: Daniel Pasquariello’s punt travels 29 yards and is downed at Michigan State’s 37-yard line.

    10:30: Connor Cook starts the Spartans’ drive with an incompletion to the right side.

    10:23: Langford runs up the middle for two yards, bringing up third down.

    9:44: Cook has some time in the pocket and finds Keith Mumphery downfield with some space. He connects with him for a 25-yard reception and afirst down.

    9:14: Kings gets behind Penn State’s secondary over the middle and gains 31 yards on another pass from Cook. Michigan State is at the 5-yard line.

    8:04: Langford rushes for two yards and then for no gain, bringing up third and goal from the 3-yard line.

    7:24: Touchdown: Langford gets another carry, inside the left tackle. Nyeem Wartman made contact before the goal line, but Langford kept moving and brought the linebacker into the end zone.

    The extra point is good. Michigan State now leads 20-3.

    7:12: Penn State’s offense took the field at the 23-yard line and exited right away. On first down, Christian Hackenberg was hit from behind as he motioned to throw the ball. It was jarred loose, and Taiwan Jones recovered to give Michigan State possession at the 18-yard line.

    6:29: Langford rushes for five yards before Cook takes off for a 7-yard gain to move the chains. The Spartans are looking at first-and-goal at the 6-yard line.

    5:53: Langford loses two yards on a rush to the right side.

    5:09: R.J. Shelton gets a carry and he also loses two yards. Third down.

    4:29: Touchdown: Wide receiver Tony Lippett jumps and makes a catch in the end zone, a 10-yard touchdown reception.

    The extra point is good, and Michigan State stretches its lead to 27-3.

    4:23: Haley’s kick return sets up Penn State at the 21-yard line.

    4:16: Akeel Lynch gets thrown to the ground on a carry for no gain to begin the drive.

    3:41: Hackenberg throws to Geno Lewis and nearly gets picked off.

    3:35: Hackenberg gets hit right as he throws, but he finds Lewis for a 12-yard reception and a first down.

    3:17: Akeel Lynch rushes to the right and down the sideline 26 yards before he’s forced out of bounds. Another Penn State first down, and now the Lions are across midfield.

    2:42: Hackenberg throws to Kyle Carter, who leaps and hauls in the throw for a 16-yard catch. First down.

    2:24: Hackenberg throws incomplete on first down.

    2:18: Hackenberg follows up a 9-yard completion to Saeed Blacknall with a 13-yard throw to DaeSean Hamilton, moving the Lions to the 3-yard line.

    1:41: Demetrious Cox gets a hand in front of Hackenberg’s pass to Blacknall in the end zone, stopping a touchdown.

    1:37: Touchdown: Akeel Lynch takes a carry from the shotgun and finds room to run up the middle for a 3-yard touchdown run.

    Ficken’s extra point is good, and Penn State cuts into Michigan State’s lead, which now stands at 27-10.

    1:29: Michigan State takes the field at the 28-yard line after a 27-yard return by Shelton.

    1:24: Langford takes a carry for four yards to start things off for the Spartans.

    0:35: Langford runs a draw from the shotgun and stretches out for a 3-yard gain.

    0:00: Cook hits Burbridge after nearly missing the shotgun snap on third down, moving five yards and picking up another first down.

    That first down ends the third quarter. The Spartans lead 27-10 and will face first-and-10 from their own 40-yard line when play resumes.


    Fourth Quarter

    13:35: Burbridge started the quarter with a 16-yard reception from Cook, and a 1-yard gain on the ground by Langford brought up second down. On the next play, Cook hit Burbridge again for 11 yards and a first down.

    13:02: Tony Lippett was open at the right sideline for a 13-yard gain and another first down. Michigan State is now in the red zone, at the 19-yard line.

    12:30: A false start moves Michigan State out of the red zone and to the 24-yard line for first-and-15.

    11:59: Cook looked deep to Lippett, but his pass fell incomplete to bring up second-and-long.

    11:52: Cook faked a hand-off and ran for himself to the left, but Mike Hull was in the backfield to make a stop for a 3-yard loss. Third-and-18 is upcoming.

    11:05: Cook dumped off a pass over the middle to Langford at the line of scrimmage for no gain. The Spartans will try a field goal.

    10:27: Geiger’s field goal from 44 yards out goes wide and is short, anyway. Penn State gets the ball at the 27-yard line.

    9:54: Mike Gesicki gains three yards on a pass, and then Akeel Lynch picks up four yards on a carry up the middle to bring up third down.

    9:17: On third-and-7, Hackenberg throws over Geno Lewis to force a punt.

    9:05: Daniel Pasquariello gets a very nice initial bounce on his punt, and it rolls to the 3-yard line before being downed. That’s a 63-yard punt to pin the Spartans deep.

    8:09: A Langford rush for 2 yards and an incompletion brought up a quick third down, but the Spartans moved the chains on a 17-yard strike to Mumphery.

    7:33: With a fresh set of downs, Langford rushed for three yards. He’s now at 92 yards on 24 carries.

    6:52: Langford runs around the right side and gets four yards on the carry to set up a short third down.

    6:10: Langford runs again for a two-yard gain.

    6:05: With fourth-and-1 upcoming, Penn State takes a timeout.

    5:52: Michigan State punts 49 yards and gives Penn State possession at the 20-yard line.

    5:42: Jesse James takes a quick pass and gets 10 yards for a first down.

    5:30: Geno Lewis gets behind the defense and has a step or two on the coverage, but Hackenberg overthrows the receiver.

    5:26: Hackenberg gets pressured quickly and throws incomplete to Akeel Lynch, bringing up third-and-10.

    5:18: Akeel Lynch is called for a hold in the backfield as Hackenberg takes off to run. The 10-yard penalty moves Penn State back to its 20-yard line for third-and-20.

    5:02: Hackenberg evades pressure and ends up throwing out of bounds. There was another holding penalty on the play, but it’s declined and fourth-and-20 is upcoming. Penn State’s offense is staying on the field.

    4:56: Hackenberg gets rushed to the right and is knocked down as he throws out of bounds. That gives Michigan State the ball 20 yards out after the turnover on downs.

    4:48: Langford rushes up the middle for a 6-yard gain, pushing him over 100 yards.

    2:49: Langford carries on every play of the drive, which lasted four plays. He reached the end zone on a 6-yard carry for a touchdown.

    The extra point stretches Michigan State’s lead to 34-10.

    2:42: After the kick return, Penn State takes over at the 28-yard line.

    2:35: Hackenberg hits Lewis for a six-yard gain to start the drive.

    2:14: Hackenberg runs up the middle to avoid pressure on second down, gaining three yards to set up third-and-1. Penn State calls a timeout.

    2:06: Akeel Lynch gets nowhere on a carry, and Penn State stays on the field for fourth down.

    1:19: Lynch gets a yard on fourth down to move the chains. Two incompletions later, the Nittany Lions face third-and-10.

    1:10: Hackenberg throws to more incompletions, the latter of which is batted down at the line, and Michigan State gets the ball at the 38-yard line.

    0:00: After two kneel-downs, Michigan State wins 34-10.

    That’s the game. Penn State falls to 6-6 in its regular season finale.

    Live Blog: Penn State at Illinois

    Today’s game between the Nittany Lions and the Fighting Illini is about to get underway. Penn State won the coin toss and deferred to the second half, so Illinois will receive to begin the game.


    First Quarter

    14:54: Penn State’s kickoff couldn’t have gone much better for the team. Sam Ficken’s kick was fielded just outside of the end zone, and Marcus Allen made a tackle at the 7-yard line.

    14:04: After the Illini moved the chains right away on an 11-yard pass from Wes Lunt to Malik Turner, Illinois falls to a long third down. A 3-yard rush is followed by a sack by Anthony Zettel, who brought Lunt down eight yards behind the line.

    13:26: Lunt’s pass on third down was behind the first down marker and falls incomplete. Intended for Mike Dudek.

    13:13: Illinois punts on fourth-and-long and Penn State takes the ball at its own 48-yard line, a 39-yard punt.

    13:08: Bill Belton starts the Nittany Lions’ first drive with a run for no gain.

    11:55: Belton gets a pass in the backfield the next play and gains nine yards. On third-and-1, Akeel Lynch takes a direct snap from the Wildcat and runs up the middle. He got just enough to move the chains.

    11:24: Akeel Lynch takes a carry and finds a seam up the middle, picking up 10 yards and a first down.

    10:50: Lynch runs again for a 6-yard gain, bringing up second-and-4 at Illinois’ 25-yard line.

    9:41: DaeSean Hamilton picked up a first down on the next play, making a 6-yard catch while falling to the ground. His defender also slipped, giving him room to run if he stayed on his feet. The next play, Belton carried the ball for no gain on first down.

    8:24: Touchdown: Following a 1-yard run by Belton, Christian Hackenberg looks to the right side of the end zone, where Chris Godwin ran a fade and caught Hackenberg’s pass for an 18-yard reception. Godwin dropped the ball, but it was after he appeared to take a couple steps and no review followed the play.

    The extra point is good, and Penn State jumps to an early 7-0 lead.

    7:44: Sam Ficken’s kickoff goes into the end zone for a touchback, and the Illini’s offense is off to a slow start. A rush by Donovonn Young goes for no gain, and then Lunt throws an incompletion to bring up third-and-10.

    6:55:  Jon Davis caught a pass as he reached the left sideline on third down, but it was for a 9-yard gain, not enough to move the chains. On fourth-and-1, Illinois decides to punt. The kick was low, and Jesse Della Valle returns the 31-yard punt 11 yards, bouncing off a tackler in the process. Penn State will take over at its own 46-yard line when play resumes.

    6:50: Bill Belton takes a hand-off up the middle to start the Nittany Lions’ second drive and gets nowhere.

    6:17: On the next play, Hackenberg faked a hand-off and rolled to the right side. He fired a pass to tight end Kyle Carter, who broke out to the right and had plenty of separation from any defenders, but Carter couldn’t make the catch.

    6:11: On third-and-10, Hackenberg looked long to Chris Godwin but didn’t have much of a look, bringing up fourth down.

    6:02: The Lions fake a punt, and Brad Bars takes a direct snap and sprints to the left sideline, gaining 32 yards and a first down in the process.

    5:31: Now at Illinois’ 22-yard line, DaeSean Hamilton runs a jet sweep and gains eight yards before getting out of bounds on first down.

    4:58: Akeel Lynch runs on second down and picks up three yards for a first down.

    4:18: Lynch carries again and gains six yards, moving to the Illini’s 5-yard line.

    2:53: Lynch runs for one yard on consecutive carries to bring up fourth-and-2 from the 3-yard line.

    2:23: The Lions set up for a field goal but Ficken never gets the kick off. It appears Chris Gulla’s hold wasn’t put down in time, and he was tackled by Darius Mosely for an 8-yard loss. Illinois takes over after the turnover on downs at its own 11-yard line.

    1:20: Penn State’s defense continues to look strong. A 5-yard pass from Lunt followed by a 2-yard rush by Devin Church brings up third-and-3, but Trevor Williams was all over Mike Dudek on the next play to break up a pass near the marker. Illinois is forced to punt again.

    1:03: After a 31-yard punt gives Penn State the ball at Illinois’ 49-yard line, Hackenberg looks deep right away. DaeSean Hamilton got behind his defender, but the throw went just beyond his outstretched hands.

    0:05: Akeel Lynch rushes for a yard to set up a long third-and-9. On the next play, Christian Hackenberg gets quick pressure and is sacked nine yards behind the line. Before the clock runs out in the first quarter, Penn State uses its first timeout, presumably in order to keep the wind at punter Daniel Pasquariello’s back.

    0:00: Pasquariello punts the ball 42 yards and Darius Mosely drops the ball, but he scoops it up and breaks free for a 14-yard return. It looked like Mosely may have been a block away from breaking loose on the return.

    That’s the end of the first quarter. Penn State leads, 7-0, and the Illini will take over at their own 29-yard line when play resumes.


    Second Quarter

    14:43: Illinois goes three-and-out without burning much time at all. Wes Lunt tried fairly long passes on all three plays. On first down, Matt LaCosse got a hand on the ball but didn’t make the catch. Mike Dudek also nearly made a catch on second down. LaCosse was targeted again on third down, but when he made a cut back toward the line of scrimmage there seemed to be some miscommunication, as Lunt’s throw sailed past him.

    14:34: Justin DuVernois’ punt was aided by wind and bounced into the end zone for a touchback. He is credited with a 71-yard punt, but Penn State starts at its own 20-yard line.

    13:09: After Belton runs of five and 0 yards, Hackenberg has time in the pocket and finds Akeel Lynch wide open over the middle. Lynch catches the pass and runs for a 16-yard pick-up and a Penn State first down.

    12:22: Lynch followed his reception up with runs of two yards and one yard, bringing up third-and-7 at the 44-yard line.

    11:02 Lynch lost two yards on another carry up the middle, forcing fourth-and-9. Pasquariello’s ensuing punt was downed at the 24-yard line, a 34-yard kick. Illinois will take over at its own 24-yard line.

    10:36: Mike Dudek gets a 12-yard completion to start Illinois’ drive, moving the chains right away. On the next play, Wes Lunt throws an incompletion to set up second-and-10.

    10:11: Third-and-3 is brought up after Lunt hits LaCosse for a 7-yard gain. On the next play, Marcus Allen is called for holding on a deep incompletion, giving Illinois a first down at Penn State’s 47-yard line.

    9:21: Lunt drops back on first down, and C.J. Olaniyan gets into the backfield and sacks the quarterback for a six-yard loss. The play clock was running out before the next play, so Illinois used its first timeout of the half.

    9:12: Lunt evades pressure and dumps a pass over the middle to Josh Ferguson, who gains eight yards on the play to set up third-and-8.

    8:40: On third down, Lunt looks toward Malik Turner but freshman Grant Haley dives in front of the pass to break it up. Illinois is forced to punt.

    8:30: Another effective punt for Illinois, bouncing out of bounds at Penn State’s 13-yard line.

    7:44: Akeel Lynch starts things with a rush for no gain, and then he gets a pass from Hackenberg on the next play for a 7-yard gain.

    7:07: On third-and-3, roughing the passer is called after Hackenberg throws the ball and is then taken to the ground. That gives the Lions a fresh set of downs at their own 35-yard line.

    6:58: Hackenberg throws to the right sideline on the next play, but nice defense keeps Kyle Carter from making a catch.

    6:48: Fumble: Akeel Lynch has a nice run, shedding a tackler and gaining eight yards. But before he was tackled, Lynch lost the ball and Illinois recovers at Penn State’s 46-yard line.

    5:35: Lunt starts Illinois’ drive with a pass to the backfield, which results in a two-yard loss. He hits Donovonn Young for an 8-yard gain the next play. On third-and-4, Lunt goes deep to Mike Dudek but heavy pressure nearly ends in an interception. Penalties on Illinois for hands to the face and holding are both declined, so Illinois will punt on fourth down.

    5:26: The Illini’s punt falls in the end zone, giving Penn State possession at its own 20. After the punt, Darius Mosely is credited with recovering Lynch’s fumble (it was forced by Mason Monheim.)

    4:43: Cole Chiappialle is in the backfield now and had a three-yard rush to start Penn State’s drive. Hackenberg had a loss pass to the sideline on the next play, as it hit the ground before Geno Lewis could make a play on it.

    4:36: Hackenberg targets Chris Godwin but throws out of bounds on third down. However, a flag was thrown and defensive holding was called, giving the Lions a first down at their own 33-yard line.

    4:23: Chiappialle carries to the left and gets three yards.

    2:52: After a two-yard gain on the ground by Chiappialle, the Lions throw on third-and-5. Hackenberg looked to tight end Jesse James, who was crossing over the middle, but his pass goes behind James. James got a hand on the ball but it wasn’t enough to reel the pass in. Penn State punted after the incompletion, giving the Illini possession at their own 32-yard line after Pasquariello’s kick traveled 30 yards.

    1:56: Reilly O’Toole came in at QB for Illinois and ran three straight times, getting five, zero and then two yards. Penn State calls timeout before Illinois punts, but then Chris Geiss jumps offside to give the Illini a first down.

    0:58: After Donovonn Young rushes of five and six yards (giving Illinois a first down), Wes Lunt finds Mike Dudek for a 9-yard completion. The next play, Dudek makes another 9-yard catch at the sideline, getting a foot in before stepping out of bounds and stopping the clock.

    0:52: Now facing first-and-10 from the 28-yard line, Lunt throws past LaCosse deep downfield.

    0:44: Lunt hits Dudek for a 20-yard reception, and the receiver holds onto the pass as he goes to the ground. The Illini get first-and-goal from the 8-yard line.

    0:32: Following an incompletion to Geronimo Allison, Lunt finds Dudek again at the sideline. The receiver stretches for the pylon but is taken out of bounds by Marcus Allen at the 1-yard line. Illinois takes a timeout following the play, facing third-and-goal.

    0:25: Touchdown: Penn State makes a nice push up front to stop a run, but Lunt runs a play-action. He sees pressure after rolling out, tosses a quick pass in time and finds Matt LaCosse, who catches the ball while sliding to the ground for a score.

    The extra point is good, and the game is now tied at 7-7 just before halftime.

    0:25: The kickoff goes out of bounds, giving Penn State the ball at the 25-yard line. The Nittany Lions have one timeout remaining.

    0:23: Hackenberg takes a knee to end the first half.

    That does it for the first half here in Illinois. The Nittany Lions and Fighting Illini are tied at 7-7.


    Some halftime stats:

    Penn State has a slight edge in total offense, with 133 yards to Illinois’ 113.

    The majority of the Lions’ offense goes to their running game, which accounts for 77 yards. However, 32 of those yards are credited to Brad Bars, whose lone carry came on a fake punt. Akeel Lynch has 13 carries for 42 yards as the team’s leading rusher, although he did fumble once to kill a drive.

    Penn State’s backfield has also gotten only six yards on six carries from Bill Belton, while Cole Chiappialle has pitched in with eight yards off three carries.

    In the passing game, Lynch is the only Lion with multiple receptions, gaining 23 yards on two catches. Chris Godwin’s 18-yard touchdown reception makes him the Lions’ next-best receiver. Overall, Christian Hackenberg is 5-for-11, picking up 56 yards in the first half.

    Hackenberg’s counterpart on Illinois, Wes Lunt, is 8-of-17, passing for 58 yards. His top receiver is Mike Dudek, who has five catches for 57 yards.


    Third Quarter

    14:56: The wind forced a short kickoff by Illinois, and Penn State couldn’t recover it off the bounce. After a scramble for the ball, Illinois recovered at Penn State’s 28-yard line to start the second half.

    12:26: Illinois, which kicked off to start the second half, gets three points on the opening drive of the half. The Illini started the drive that ensued the kickoff recovery with a 6-yard pass to Dudek and a 6-yard run by Young for a first down. After a false start brought up first-and-15, Reilly O’Toole hit Allison for an 8-yard gain. O’Toole then followed up a Young run for no gain with a 4-yard pass to the running back, bringing up fourth-and-3.

    David Reisner came out for a field goal on fourth down, splitting the uprights with his 28-yard attempt.

    With the field goal, Illinois takes a 10-7 lead.

    12:20: A 21-yard kickoff return gives Penn State possession at its own 32.

    11:43: The Lions ran back-to-back plays with DaeSean Hamilton running through the backfield to start the drive. Hamilton ran a jet sweep on the first play, gaining 11 yards and a first down. He faked a carry the next time around, while Akeel Lynch took the carry and picked up six yards.

    9:56: After another run by Lynch got the Lions three yards, Lynch took a snap from the Wildcat on third-and-1 and gained four yards for a first down. Hackenberg went deep with a fresh set of downs but overthrew Geno Lewis down the left sideline.

    9:09: On second down, Illinois was reading for another Hamilton carry, bringing the receiver down for a 5-yard loss. Hackenberg threw to Lewis on third-and-15 but was off the mark, and his pass landed at the feet of a defender.

    8:59: Daniel Pasquariello punted for the Lions and his kick bounced into the end zone for a 49-yard punt and a touchback. Illinois takes over at its own 20-yard line.

    7:32: Illinois goes three-and-out. Mike Hull stopped Donovonn Young for a 4-yard gain on first down. On the next play, Hull got in on another stop when Reilly O’Toole ran the ball for a yard. When O’Toole looked to the sideline on third down, Adrian Amos got in front of Mike Dudek to force an incompletion.

    7:19: The Illini punt into the wind, and the kick travels 41 yards to give Penn State possession at the team’s own 34-yard line.

    6:31: Akeel Lynch takes two carries for three yards apiece to start the drive, giving Penn State a third-and-4.

    5:58: Hackenberg looks to pass from the shotgun on third down but ran right into a blitz. He’s sacked for an 11-yard loss to force a punt.

    5:11: Pasquariello punts for Penn State, and the Illini get a 4-yard return on his 49-yard punt. Illinois takes over at its own 26-yard line.

    5:06: Josh Ferguson carries to start the drive, and Jason Cabinda teams up with Carl Nassib to bring him down two yards behind the line of scrimmage.

    4:13: Following an offside penalty on Penn State, Ferguson carries again on second-and-7 and loses a yard.

    3:20: Dudek makes a catch on third down but is well short of the chains, setting up fourth-and-4. The Illini will punt.

    2:51: The Illini punt to the 23-yard line.

    2:43: Mike Gesicki makes a catch on first down for a seven-yard reception to start Penn State’s drive.

    2:13: Akeel Lynch carries the ball two yards to set up a short third down.

    1:30: Lynch takes a snap and moves to the 35-yard line for a fresh set of downs.

    0:56: Geno Lewis runs a reverse and cuts slightly back to the middle, gaining just one yard.

    0:20: Lynch gets a hand-off and gains five yards to bring up third-and-4.

    The clock runs out, and that’s the third quarter. The Lions face third-and-4 from their own 41-yard line following a brief break in action.


    Fourth Quarter

    14:54: Jesse James takes a pass running toward the sideline and is forced out of bounds at midfield, good for a first down.

    14:25: Akeel Lynch carries on the next play for a 3-yard gain to set up second-and-7.

    13:37: Touchdown: Lynch takes another carry up the middle and finds a seam. He makes a man miss while cutting to the right and then uses a blocker to get the rest of the way on a 47-yard touchdown run.

    The extra point is good, and Penn State takes a 14-10 lead.

    13:37: Ficken’s kick sails out of bounds. The penalty gives Illinois possession at its own 35-yard line.

    13:04: After a Malik Turner reception goes for 8 yards, Donovonn young carries for 14 yards and a first down.

    12:19: With a fresh set of downs, Mike Dudek gets six yards on a catch and Young rushes for two more yards. The Illini are on the edge of field goal range and face third-and-2.

    11:19: Aaron Bailey gets only a yard on third down, but the Illini decide to go for it at Penn State’s 34-yard line on fourth-and-1. Reilly O’Toole almost got sacked but got a pass of in time, hitting Tyler White for the first down. But the Lions are called for holding, anyway, moving Illinois to the 24-yard line.

    10:02: O’Toole completes passes to Dudek (9 yards) and Ferguson (2 yards) for a first down before Young takes a five-yard carry to the 8-yard line.

    8:46: Young carries again on second down, gaining a yard. On third down, O’Toole was backed up with plenty of pressure and threw an incompletion toward Mike Dudek.

    8:43: David Reisner’s 25-yard field goal is good.

    With the field goal, the Illini cut Penn State’s lead to 14-13.

    8:43: Penn State will get the ball at the 25-yard line after Illinois’ kickoff goes through the end zone.

    8:36: Hackenberg rolls to the right and finds Kyle Carter for a quick gain. However, the Lions had five men in the backfield and are penalized for an illegal formation, bringing up first-and-15.

    8:15: Lynch takes a carry up the middle and gains three yards.

    7:36: Lynch runs again and moves his feet, picking up six yards. Third-and-6 will follow for Penn State.

    6:54: Lynch runs a draw on a shotgun snap to Hackenberg but cannot get the first down. He gained only two yards, and the Lions will punt.

    6:15: Pasquariello punts 39 yards into the wind, and Illinois will take over at the 30-yard line.

    6:10: Deion Barnes batted down Reilly O’Toole’s pass to start the Illini’s drive.

    6:01: On the next play, Donovonn Young bounces out to the left side and runs 18 yards for a first down at the 48-yard line.

    5:43: One play after an incompletion by O’Toole, Dudek makes a catch eight yards downfield. He’s tackled right away, so Illinois will face third-and-2.

    5:00: Matt LaCosse gets a 6-yard completion to move the chains.

    4:16: Following an 8-yard completion to Ferguson, Young takes a carry and loses two yards to bring up third down.

    3:34: On third-and-4, O’Toole threw a bit behind Malik Turner. The Illini will try a field goal to take the lead.

    3:29: Illinois had the benefit of wind on the field goal, but David Reisner’s 50-yard attempt goes wide left. Penn State will get the ball at its own 32-yard line following the miss.

    3:20: Lynch takes a carry for three yards to start the Penn State drive.

    2:39: After the Lions take their time in the huddle, Hackenberg hands off to Lynch again. He gains two more yards, and Illinois calls a timeout, its first of the half, before third-and-5.

    2:17: Hackenberg rolled out on third down and ran for the sideline. As he tried to reach for the first down he was knocked out of bounds, and the officials will stop to review the spot of the ball.

    2:20: The ruling on the field stands. It’s fourth-and-1 for the Lions, and the game clock is reset to 2:20.

    1:53: Coach James Franklin lets the play clock run down before using Penn State’s first timeout of the half.

    1:48: Pasquariello punts the ball 31 yards. A fair catch gives Illinois possession at the 28-yard line. The Illini have two timeouts to work with on this last-gasp drive that’s upcoming.

    1:40: Reilly O’Toole finds Mike Dudek over the middle for a 25-yard reception and a first down.

    1:19: O’Toole gets another first down on a 17-yard pass to Marchie Murdock, who steps out of bounds.

    0:56: At the edge of field goal range and with time to spare, the Illini run. Ferguson got the ball and found space, gaining 16 yards for another Illini first down. He then picked up five yards on a carry the next play. Penn State calls its second timeout of the half, and the spot of the ball will be reviewed.

    1:04: After review, Ferguson was ruled down after a tackle by Nyeem Wartman for a loss of three yards. The Illini now get the ball with 1:04 on the clock, facing second-and-13 from the 17-yard line.

    0:58: Josh Ferguson runs up the middle and loses a yard. The ball popped loose but well after he was down. Penn State uses its final timeout before third-and-14, with the ball near the middle of the field.

    0:48: Donovonn Young centers the ball a little more on a hand-off, gaining no yards in the process. The clock continues to run, and Illinois faces fourth-and-14 from the 18-yard line.

    0:13: Illinois takes its second timeout after allowing the play clock to run down.

    0:08: Reisner’s 35-yard field goal is good, giving the Illini a late lead.

    Illinois goes ahead 16-14 with the field goal, and the Lions have eight seconds to work with on the kickoff.

    0:08: The kickoff goes into the end zone, and Penn State takes over at the 25 following a knee.

    Live Blog: Penn State vs. Temple

    Today’s noontime kickoff between Penn State (5-4) and Temple (5-4) is just a few minutes from starting.

    Penn State captains for today’s coin toss: Christian Hackenberg, Sam Ficken, C.J. Olaniyan and Mike Hull.

    The Nittany Lions will receive to start today’s game.


    First Quarter

    14:53: After a 19-yard kick return by Grant Haley, Penn State will start at the 24-yard line.

    14:15: After a run for no gain by Bill Belton, Christian Hackenberg found Geno Lewis on a hitch, and the receiver found some room to run for a 14-yard reception and a first down.

    13:20: Runs of four and three yards by Belton bring up third-and-3.

    12:41: Belton takes another run around the right side and had just enough room to turn the corner, picking up nine yards and a first down.

    11:39: Penn State’s efficient drive continues with a 7-yard pass to DaeSean Hamilton and a 10-yard catch by Chris Godwin for another first down.

    11:16: Offside is call on Temple. The Nittany Lions now look at 1st-and-5 at Temple’s 24-yard line.

    10:54: Akeel Lynch took a hand-off and bounced out to the left side. He used his speed to get to the sideline and got close to the pylon, but he was ruled out of bounds at the 8-yard line. The play will now be reviewed.

    10:15: Bill Belton loses a yard on a carry after getting wrapped up right away in the backfield.

    The ruling on the field stands. The Lions get first-and-goal eight yards out.

    9:38: Belton takes another carry straight up the middle and gets to the 3-yard line, a six-yard gain. Third down coming up.

    8:58: Temple calls its first timeout right before the snap on third down.

    8:54: Bill Belton takes a hand-off around the left side, sheds a tackle and gets into the end zone, but Angelo Mangiro is called for a hold. Third-and-goal from the 12-yard line is upcoming now.

    8:40: Hackenberg scrambles out of the pocket and tries to find room to right on the right side, but he is tackled after picking up just one yard.

    8:01: Sam Ficken takes the field for a 29-yard field goal and converts the short attempt.

    Penn State’s first drive ends with the Nittany Lions holding an early 3-0 lead.

    Penn State’s scoring drive: 12 plays, 64 yards.

    6:40: Temple’s first drive may not take as long as Penn State’s. The Owls started with a five-yard rush by quarterback P.J. Walker and then a rush for no gain by Kenneth Harper. Before third-and-5, Temple burned its second timeout.

    6:35: Walker finds receiver Keith Kirkwood open downfield, but he drops the pass and forces Temple to punt.

    6:29: A 36-yard punt ends in a fair catch by Jesse Della Valle at the 39-yard line.

    6:23: Belton runs up the middle for an 8-yard gain to start the Lions’ second drive.

    5:34: Belton takes another carry for one yard and loses the ball just before he hit the ground. Temple’s Nate D. Smith forced and recovered the fumble. Temple takes over at Penn State’s 46-yard line.

    5:30: P.J. Walker finds Brandon Shippen for a 13-yard reception at the sideline, moving the chains right away.

    4:26: Following a 5-yard pass from Walker to Brodrick Yancy, Walker hits John Christopher for a 16-yard reception.

    3:22: The Lions start slowing Temple down, with rush for a loss of one yard and a batted down pass to force third down.

    3:18: On third-and-11 from the 13-yard line, Walker is off the mark on a backfield pass to bring up fourth down.

    3:13: Temple’s field goal unit takes the field, and Austin Jones converts his 30-yard attempt.

    After the field goal, Penn State and Temple are now tied at 3-3.

    Temple’s drive: 7 plays for 33 yards.

    3:07: Grant Haley finds a few seams on the kick return and takes the kickoff 30 yards to Penn State’s 37-yard line.

    3:02: Akeel Lynch takes a carry up the middle for a 4-yard pickup.

    2:06: Offside is called on Temple and then Akeel Lynch finds a hole in the middle to get the first down with ease. Penn State is now in Temple territory, at the 48-yard line after Lynch’s 6-yard run.

    1:32: The Owls are flagged offside again, and Penn State accepts the penalty to bring up first-and-5 at the Owls’ 43-yard line.

    1:07: Penn State calls its first timeout.

    0:23: Christian Hackenberg can’t hit a diving DaeSean Hamilton at the right sideline following a 2-yard run by Akeel Lynch, so Penn State looks at third-and-3.

    0:00: The first quarter ends after Akeel Lynch gains one yard and brings up fourth-and-2.


    Second Quarter

    14:55: Penn State lines up to go for it after the timeout, breaks into the Wildcat formation and then gets the first down on an 8-yard carry by Lynch.

    13:31: The Lions’ drive falls apart after an incompletion to Geno Lewis, a loss of three by Lynch and another incompletion over Jesse James’ head brings up fourth-and-13 at Temple’s 35-yard line.

    13:22: Daniel Pasquariello comes out to punt for Penn State, and his 23-yard kick is downed at Temple’s 12-yard line.

    12:49: A 7-yard catch by Kenneth Harper starts the Owls’ drive, but then they are flagged for a false start on second down.

    12:21: Walker can’t connect with Colin Thompson, bringing up third down.

    12:17: Walker sees plenty of pressure on third down and gets the ball out just in time, but his pass sails out of bounds. Temple will punt.

    12:08: Della Valle fields Temple’s punt and gains about five yards on the 38-yard punt, giving Penn State’s offense the ball at Temple’s 47-yard line.

    12:00: Lynch gains four yards on a carry up the middle to start the Lions’ drive.

    11:18: Interception: Hackenberg throws behind tight end Mike Gesicki, and after the tight end reached back and got a hand on the ball it was picked off by Tavon Young. Young returned the interception 25 yards to Penn State’s 40-yard line.

    11:18: Temple moves back five yards right away with a false start penalty.

    9:43: Runs for three yards and a loss of one by Jahad Thomas bring up third-and-13. On third down, P.J. Walker tried to scramble and run by Anthony Zettel chased him down and tripped him for a loss of two yards.

    9:05: Temple punts on fourth down, and the 40-yard punt is downed at Penn State’s 5-yard line.

    9:00: Hackenberg starts Penn State’s drive with a quick hit to DaeSean Hamilton, who fell to the ground making the catch for a 5-yard gain.

    8:26: Akeel Lynch cuts through the middle for a 6-yard gain and a first down.

    7:52: Lynch gets another carry up the middle but gets nowhere.

    7:04: The pocket collapses on Hackenberg, and he’s sacked for a 4-yard loss to set up third down.

    6:21: Hackenberg hits Jesse James on an out route to the left sideline and gets 15 yards, just enough for a first down.

    5:52: On the next play, Miles Dieffenbach is called for a hold. Penn State moves back 10 yards and faces first-and-20 from its own 17-yard line.

    4:44: Lynch takes two carries for one and four yards to give the Lions a long third down.

    3:58: Temple gets to Hackenberg for a three-yard sack on third down. Praise Martin-Oguike was initially blocked behind Hackenberg by Donovan Smith but stayed in the play to get to the quarterback.

    3:37: Temple calls its final timeout of the half before fourth-and-18 from Penn State’s own 19-yard line.

    3:26: Pasquariello’s punt travels 49 yards, and a 3-yard return gives Temple’s offense the ball at its own 35-yard line.

    3:20: Walker had Shippen open downfield at the right sideline, but his pass takes him out of bounds on first down.

    2:32: After a one-yard reception by Colin Thompson, Temple faced third-and-9. Walker was nearly sacked as his pocket fell apart, but he evaded pressure and got a pass out in time. Shippen couldn’t hold onto the low throw, though, and the Owls will punt.

    2:25: A 49-yard punt hands the Lions the ball back at their own 15-yard line.

    1:36: Penn State goes three-and-out. Lynch lost two yards on a carry to start the Lions’ drive, and Hamilton picked up six on a bubble screen out wide. On third-and-6, Hackenberg threw a low pass to Saeed Blacknall, who nearly caught the ball before it hit the ground but had his catch ruled incomplete.

    1:30: Temple takes over at its own 43-yard line after a 38-yard punt by Pasquariello.

    1:00: The Owls also go three-and-out. Harper lost a yard on a reception and then Walker threw an incompletion. On third down, Harper carried the ball for four yards to bring up fourth-and-7.

    0:53: Della Valle signals for a fair catch, and a 42-yard punt gives the Lions the ball at their own 12-yard line.

    0:47: Hackenberg looked deep on first down to Geno Lewis and although it looked like Lewis was held as the ball reached him, no flag was thrown and the pass fell incomplete.

    0:41: Chris Godwin picks up 21 yards on a catch-and-run and goes out of bounds to stop the clock.

    0:36: Hackenberg’s pass to Jesse James falls incomplete, but an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty on Temple’s Haason Reddick moves Penn State to its own 48-yard line.

    0:32: Hackenberg avoided pressure by throwing a pass out of bounds.

    0:18: On third-and-2 two plays later, Hackenberg spun to evade a rush up the middle and took off. He gained 12 yards to reach Temples 32-yard line and move the chains.

    0:12: Following an illegal procedure penalty on Penn State, Hackenberg goes deep  but can’t connect with his target in the end zone. Offsetting personal fouls will force a re-do of first-and-15.

    0:01: Hackenberg got just outside of the pocket and threw out of bounds to avoid pressure. The Lions tried to run one more play, and Akeel Lynch runs for four yards. Penn State’ calls a timeout with one second on the clock to allow time for a field goal.

    0:00: Sam Ficken’s 50-yard field goal has just enough distance and splits the uprights to end the half.

    With Ficken’s 50-yarder, Penn State enters halftime with a 6-3 lead.


    Some halftime stats:

    Christian Hackenberg is 9-of-18 for 86 passing yards and an interception, while Temple QB P.J. Walker is 6-of-14 for 41 yards.

    The game’s leading rusher is Akeel Lynch, who has 47 yards on 13 carries.

    DaeSean Hamilton’s four catches also is a game-high at halftime. He has 22 receiving yards on those receptions.

    Penn State leads in total offense with 167 total yards to Temple’s 49.

    Tyler Matakevich has 10 tackles for Temple, a game-high, while Penn State’s leading tackler is Mike Hull (with four).


    Third Quarter

    14:09: Starting at the 27-yard line, Temple  avoided going three-and-out to start the second half with a seven-yard reception to start its drive and a four-yard run by Jamie Gilmore on third down.

    12:25: Following another Gilmore rush for five yards, Walker hit Jalen Fitzpatrick down the right sideline for a 28-yard gain and a first down. A four-yard completion to Fitzpatrick on the next play moves the Owls to PSU’s 25-yard line.

    11:09: Jahad Thomas runs for no gain, and then P.J. Walker barely avoids a deep sack, scrambles and throws an incompletion to bring up fourth down.

    11:04: On fourth-and-6, Austin Jones’ 42-yard field goal falls short. Penn State keeps its 6-3 lead and will take over at its own 25-yard line.

    9:44: Akeel Lynch starts Penn State’s drive with a 25-yard run, moving the team to midfield. After Belton lost two yards on a carry, Hackenberg looked deep to Kyle Carter, who appeared to make the catch but ulimately dropped the ball.

    9:37: On third down, Jesse James makes a catch and then runs the rest of the way for the first down for a 15-yard reception.

    8:58: Interception: Pressure from the Owls forced Hackenberg toward the hash markers on the right, and the quarterback threw back to the left. The pass hung up in the air, and the pass was picked off by Tyler Matakevich, who took it back 47 yards to Penn State’s 31. A personal foul on Penn State then moved the Owls to the 16-yard line.

    7:36: Carries for six and three yards by P.J. Walker give the Owls a very short third down. But Jamie Gilmore got stuffed a yard behind the line, forcing Temple to bring out its field goal unit.

    6:52: Austin Jones converts his 25-yard field goal to tie the game.

    Penn State and Temple are now tied midway through the third quarter, 6-6.

    6:50: Grant Haley went to field Temple’s kickoff but dropped it in the end zone. He opted to recover and take a knee, so Penn State will start at the 25-yard line.

    6:42: Bill Belton bounced a carry to the outside and sprinted down the right sideline for a 37-yard run. That gives the Lions a first down at Temple’s 38-yard line.

    6:13: After Belton’s 37-yard carry (corrected above), Akeel Lynch got a carry and broke away from the Owls’ defense, going 38-yard for a touchdown.

    The Lions’ two long carries give them a 13-6 lead.

    Akeel Lynch is now at 110 rushing yards, the third time in his career he has passed the century mark.

    6:08: Temple’s Gilmore returns the kickoff 22 yards to Temple’s 30-yard line.

    6:04: Jahad Thomas runs three yards to start the Owls’ drive.

    5:22: Interception: Adrian Amos jumps in front of P.J. Walker’s pass to the right sideline and returns the ball 33 yards. He was bumped out of bounds by inches at the 8-yard line or would have otherwise scored a touchdown.

    5:19: Bill Belton takes a carry up the middle and finds the end zone without being touched on an 8-yard touchdown run.

    The extra point is good, and Penn State extends its lead to 20-6.

    5:08: Temple also gets a one-play drive for a touchdown. Starting at its 25-yard line, Walker found Fitzpatrick behind the Lions’ secondary over the middle. He caught the ball and out-ran Jordan Lucas the rest of the way for a 75-yard touchdown.

    The extra point is good, and the Owls have cut Penn State’s lead to 20-13.

    4:12: Penn State goes three-and-out without much of a fight. Belton picked up one yard to start Penn State’s drive at the 25-yard line, and Hackenberg followed up an incompletion with a four-yard scramble.

    3:21: Pasquariello’s 40-yard punt is downed at Temple’s 30-yard line.

    3:12: Walker rolls out, sees plenty of room and runs for 20 yards and a first down.

    2:42: Walker then throws incomplete at the sideline to bring up second down.

    2:31: Following another incompletion, Walker throws to the 30-yard line and is picked off when Christian Campbell stepped in front of the pass. Penn State’s offense gets the ball back at its own 28-yard line.

    1:45: A two-yard run by Belton is followed by a 10-yard reception by DaeSean Hamilton, moving the chains for Penn State.

    0:36: Belton runs for three more yards, and then he catches a pass and gets 10 yards and first down on the play. However, the spot of the ball is being reviewed because Belton may have stepped out of bounds before the first down marker.

    After the review, Belton was ruled out of bounds short of the first down.

    0:16: Belton took a carry on third down and was brought down at the line of scrimmage. The Lions will face fourth-and-1 from their own 49-yard line.

    That’s the end of the third quarter.


    Fourth Quarter

    14:49: Pasquariello’s punt goes 40 yards and is downed at Temple’s 11-yard line.

    14:45: Fitpatrick catches a pass in the slot and gets six yards before Christian Campbell brought him down.

    14:05: Brandon Bell knocks down Walker’s pass to bring up third-and-4.

    13:57: Grant Haley picks off Walker’s pass and takes it back all 30 yards for a touchdown. A blitz by Nyeem Wartman gave Walker plenty of pressure.

    With Sam Ficken’s extra point, Penn State takes a 27-13 lead.

    13:02: Penn State keeps finding a way to force turnovers. Temple started at the 25-yard line on a touchback, and after a incompletion to Shippen, Walker nearly lofted an interception. Jahad Thomas got to the pass but was hit hard by Brandon Bell right after he caught it. On the next play, though, a fumble was recovered by Austin Johnson at Temple’s 23-yard line.

    11:19: Akeel Lynch starts the Lions’ drive with carries for three and 15 yards to move the chains. He then got another two-yard gain before Belton picked up a yard on the ground to force third-and-goal from the 2-yard line.

    10:41: Hackenberg rolled out and got hit hard, but got a pass out in time. It fell incomplete and will force a field goal.

    10:41: Penn State took a delay of game to move back to the 7-yard line. On the next play, a Temple player tried to time a field goal block and leaped over the Lions’ offensive line before the snap, so an offside flag moves the Lions up to the 4-yard line.

    10:36: Sam Ficken’s 21-yard field goal splits the uprights.

    After Ficken’s third field goal of the game, Penn State leads 30-13.

    7:44: Temple’s offense is gaining yards but then moving back with penalties. Starting at the 10, a 9-yard completion to Thompson was followed by an illegal procedure penalty. Another five-yard completion, and a Jamie Gilmore rush for two yards, gave the Owls a first down. But a holding call on the next set of downs gave Temple second-and-21 back at its own 10.

    6:37: After a two-yard carry by Gilmore handed the Owls third-and-19, Walker may have turned over the ball again. Jesse Della Valle picked of his pass in front of Temple’s bench, but he was ruled out of bounds. The play is under review.

    After the review, Della Valle was ruled in bounds. That gives Penn State the ball at Temple’s 40-yard line.

    5:54: Penn State is content with running the ball, getting a first down after Belton ran for four and then seven yards.

    5:15: Now the Lions go back to a bubble screen play, as Geno Lewis gets one yard but stays in bounds.

    3:51: Belton runs for three yards, and then Hackenberg looks to the end zone. DaeSean Hamilton nearly caught his pass, but dropped it in tight coverage to bring up fourth-and-6.

    3:48: Sam Ficken comes out for a 42-yard field goal, but it’s blocked at the line. That’s his fourth miss of the season, and all four have come on blocked attempts. Temple will take over at its own 25-yard line.

    2:10: The Owls moved up to their own 49-yard line but now face fourth-and-7.

    2:07: Walker’s pass falls incomplete, and the Lions will take over near midfield. Temple has three timeouts to burn if it chooses to try to force the Lions to reach a first down.

    That’s the game. Cole Chiappialle got 15 yards on two carries, and all it took from there were two kneel-downs to end the game.

    Penn State wins, 30-13, and picks up its final victory needed to become eligible for a postseason bowl game.


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