• Live Blog: Penn State vs. Ohio State

    Tonight’s game between Penn State and Ohio State is about to get started. Penn State’s captains for tonight’s coin flip are Christian Hackenberg, Mike Hull, C.J. Olaniyan and Sam Ficken.

    Ohio State won the coin toss and deferred. Penn State will receive to start the game.

    First Quarter

    14:55: The Nittany Lions return the opening kick to the 21-yard line, and there’s already bad news for Penn State. Zach Zwinak got injured on the return and has remained on the ground.

    Zwinak was carted off the field to applause from the crowd after several minutes.

    14:45: Christian Hackenberg dumps a pass off to Bill Belton, who picks up the first down with blockers ahead of him. He picked up 10 yards on the play.

    13:37: After a failed Belton run, DaeSean Hamilton catches a short pass to the left and gets the extra yardage for a first down on a 10-yard reception.

    13:07: Hackenberg has a pass picked off at the 39-yard line by Von Bell, but the play is under further review.

    The ruling stands: interception. The call received plenty of booing by fans.

    12:58: Ohio State’s first play after the turnover is a three-yard run by Ezekiel Elliot.

    12:23: Elliot gets four my yards on the ground, bringing up third-and-3.

    11:42: Buckeyes quarterback J.T. Barrett fakes a hand-off in the shotgun formation and runs up the middle for a 10-yard gain and a first down at the 22-yard line.

    11:28: Barrett was hit hard on a throw that sailed out of the back of the end zone. Second down upcoming.

    Ohio State calls a timeout at the line of scrimmage, its first of the game.

    11:18: Barrett completes a pass to Jeff Heuerman for eight yards, bringing up a third-and-2 from the 14-yard line.

    10:35: A four-yard run by Elliot gives Ohio State a first down from the 10-yard line.

    10:15: Elliot takes a hand-off and turns the corner, getting the ball inside the pylon for a 10-yard run and an Ohio State touchdown.

    The extra point is good, and the Buckeyes take an early 7-0 lead.

    9:12: Starting its second drive at the 22-yard line, Bill Belton rushed for four and then two yards to set up third-and-4.

    8:42: DaeSean Hamilton catches the third down pass, but he is tackled short of the first down marker by a yard. Penn State’s punting team is taking the field.

    7:59: Chris Gulla’s punt travels 32 yards before going out of bounds. The Buckeyes will take over at their own 37-yard line.

    7:50: J.T. Barrett evades initial pressure with a fake hand-off, but he is brought down by Mike Hull after a three-yard gain to start Ohio State’s second drive.

    7:00: Elliot rushes for six yards, bringing up third-and-1.

    6:40: Elliot is stuffed at the line of scrimmage for no gain. The Buckeyes will punt.

    6:02: Jesse Della Valle fields Ohio State’s punt and loses a yard, giving Penn State possession at its own 16-yard line.

    5:55: Running back Akeel Lynch gets his first touch of the night, gaining a yard to start the Nittany Lions’ drive.

    5:20: DaeSean Hamilton takes a pass behind the line and uses blockers in front of him to gain 16 yards and a first down.

    4:48: Hamilton gains seven more yards on a similar pass play on the left side of the field this time.

    4:31: Penn State gets back to the line quickly, and Lynch runs through a nice hole to gain nine yards and another Penn State first down.

    4:10: Tight end Kyle Carter catches a pass near the sideline, gaining four yards.

    3:51: Hackenberg sees a pass go out of bounds, bringing up third-and-6.

    3:47: Hackenberg tries to throw over the middle, but Hamilton is double-covered and can’t reel in the throw. Fourth down now, and the Lions will punt.

    3:39: Gulla’s punt is fielded at the 4-yard line, and Jalin Marshall returns it only five yards to the 9.

    3:25: Elliot finds room up the middle and gains 12 yards, moving the Buckeyes out of danger and giving them a fresh set of downs.

    3:00: The Buckeyes continue to roll early in the drive. Barrett runs a keeper and gains 21 yards, giving his team another first down.

    2:38: Receiver Michael Thomas catches a pass from Barrett for a three-yard gain.

    1:40: Barrett rushes for six yards, and Ohio State faces third-and-1.

    1:18: Barrett runs another keeper and gets plenty of yardage for the first down, moving five yards to Penn State’s 44-yard line.

    0:51: Jalin Marshall picks up seven yards on a Barrett pass.

    0:00: The first quarter ends after Curtis Samuel takes a pass for a 9-yard gain.

    After one quarter, the Buckeyes continue to move downfield with efficiency. They’ll be looking at first-and-10 from the Nittany Lions’ 28-yard line when play resumes.


    Second Quarter

    14:55: Elliot runs nine yards to start the quarter, as the Buckeyes are now moving toward Penn State’s student section.

    14:17: Barrett runs the ball but is stopped for no gain. Third-and-1 upcoming.

    13:39: Barrett runs a keeper and picks up two yards for another Ohio State first down. The Buckeyes are now at the 17-yard line.

    13:00: Barrett tries a play-action pass and escapes the initial pressure but is brought down at the line by Mike Hull on first down.

    12:23: Elliot is called for a false start behind the line, forcing a second-and-15.

    12:08: The Buckeyes use their second timeout of the half at the line.

    12:04: After Penn State is called offside, Barrett’s pass to Dontre Wilson is broken up when Jordan Lucas hits the receiver as the ball got to him. Third-and-5 now.

    12:04: Another illegal procedure penalty on Ohio State forces third-and-15.

    11:58: Deion Barnes gets behind Ohio State’s line and brings Barrett to the ground for a nine-yard sack. Ohio State now faces 4th-and-25.

    11:07: Sean Nuernberger’s 49-yard field goal goes through the uprights.

    Ohio State leads 10-0 with 11:07 to play in the half.

    10:55: Jesse James gains eight yards on a pass from Christian Hackenberg to open Penn State’s drive, which started at the 25-yard line following a touchback.

    10:19: Bill Belton runs up the middle and is stopped just short of the first down.

    10:02: Belton takes a hand-off to the right and goes backward a few yards before trying to turn the corner. He lost two yards, and Penn State will punt.

    9:41: Gulla’s punt goes 40 yards, and a fair catch gives Ohio State possession at the 28-yard line.

    9:29: The Buckeyes start their drive with a first down right away, on a 10-yard reception by Jeff Heuerman.

    9:05: Elliot picks up six yards through the middle on a run.

    8:31: Elliot takes another carry, and Austin Johnson stops him one yard short of a first down.

    7:51: Johnson and C.J. Olaniyan stop Elliot short again, as he is stuffed at the line of scrimmage. Ohio State’s punt team takes the field.

    7:10: The Buckeyes get called for a delay of game before their punt.

    7:03: After the penalty, Jesse Della Valle takes a fair catch at Penn State’s 10-yard line.

    6:55: Christian Hackenberg has plenty of time in the pocket and throws deep down the right side to DaeSean Hamilton. Hamilton is covered well, though, and the pass is overthrown.

    6:52: Hackenberg looks to Hamilton again, but the high pass deflects off the receiver’s hands.

    6:43: The pocket collapses on Hackenberg on third down, and he loses his helmet while being sacked by Joey Bosa and Darron Lee. Penn State will punt from its own 4-yard line.

    6:18: Chris Gulla has another short punt. It went 35 yards, so the Buckeyes take over at Penn State’s 39.

    6:09: Barrett’s pass to Dontre Wilson is complete, and the receiver runs out of bounds after picking up a first down.

    5:37: Barrett pitches the ball right before he is hit hard, and Elliot takes the option run six yards.

    4:58: On second down, Barrett keeps the ball and runs eight yards, giving Ohio State another first down.

    4:08: Barrett rushes for five yards, and his carry is followed up by a Elliot carry for another five yards. Ohio State moves the chains at has the ball at the 1-yard line.

    3:58: Tight end Jeff Heuerman peels out to the left and catches a pass for a touchdown. The ensuing extra point is good.

    Ohio State leads 17-0 with 3:58 remaining in the first half.

    3:58: The kickoff goes into the end zone. Penn State will take over at the 25 with 3:58 to work with before halftime.

    3:20: DaeSean Hamilton takes a short pass but fumbles the ball on a hit. Receiver Chris Godwin is there to recover, though.

    3:00: Hackenberg fakes a hand-off and finds Hamilton for a 10-yard pass and a first down.

    2:24: Bill Belton runs for two yards.

    2:08: Hackenberg hits Belton for a pass, but the running back loses five yards.

    1:23: On third down, Hackenberg is blitzed. He throws to Geno Lewis, who is running across the middle, but the receiver is crushed by Armani Reeves as the ball gets to him.

    1:17: Chris Gulla comes out to punt again, and this time he punts it 29 yards and out of bounds to the Ohio State 35-yard line.

    1:00: Barrett keeps the ball and runs up the middle, getting nowhere on the play.

    0:40: Barrett runs another keeper, moving seven yards this time.

    0:04: Barrett is blitzed on third down as the Buckeyes have five receivers on the field. He holds onto the ball and is dropped for a loss of three yards by Anthony Zettel. The Nittany Lions call timeout before time expires.

    0:00: Barrett takes a knee after the clock runs out to end the half.

    At halftime, Ohio State leads, 17-0.

    Some halftime stats: Buckeyes quarterback J.T. Barrett is 7-for-9 passing for 52 yards and a touchdown. He has also been effective on the ground, taking 13 carries for 46 yards and a long run of 21 yards. Ezekiel Elliot leads Ohio State rushing with 14 carries for 76 yards.

    Penn State’s offense hasn’t done much, trailing Ohio State in total yards 171-78. Christian Hackenberg is 10-for-16 for 67 yards and an interception. The questionable pick was upheld after a review. The Nittany Lions’ running game has totaled only 11 combined yards. Akeel Lynch’s two carries for 10 yards leads the way, while Bill Belton has six runs for seven yards. Zach Zwinak, hurt on the opening kickoff, has not returned.

    Ohio State will receive to start the second half once play resumes.


    Third quarter

    Ohio State started the second half with the ball and a 17-0 lead (corrected the earlier error above), but things took a turn for the worse early for the Buckeyes. Three plays into their drive to open the half, J.T. Barrett was intercepted by defensive tackle Anthony Zettel, who returned the pick 40 yards for a touchdown.

    On the Buckeyes’ next drive, they picked up one first down before being forced into a punting situation. The Nittany Lions’ offense takes its first drive of the second half from its own 20-yard line after the punt resulted in a touchback.

    10:11: After a completion to tight end Mike Gesicki, Hackenberg couldn’t connect with Kyle Carter on second down.

    9:50: On third down, Hackenberg is dropped for seven-yard sack by Darron Lee.

    9:25: Danny Pasquariello came on the field to punt for Penn State, and he got a few extra yards when his kick took a friendly bounce downfield. Ohio State’s return man, Jalin Marshall, tried to scoop the bouncing ball up and fumbled it. He picked it up quickly, but Von Walker tackled him for a nine-yard loss on the return at Ohio State’s 30-yard line.

    8:52: Ohio State is recovering quickly after the botched punt return. Dontre Wilson ran for 14 yards and a first down before Ezekiel Elliot rushed for nine yards.

    8:14: On second-and-1, J.T. Barrett looked deep and to the left. His pass was broken up by safety Marcus Allen, who was close to intercepting the pass.

    7:58: Cardale Jones appears to get stopped short of the marker, and an official measurement confirms that it is fourth-and-1 for Ohio State. Barrett and the offense takes the field.

    7:41: Elliot had his legs taken out on a run up the middle but he falls forward for the first down, at Penn State’s 45-yard line.

    7:14: Barrett looks deep to Devin Smith, and he gets behind safety Marcus Allen. The pass goes through Allen’s hands and falls incomplete, as Allen also made contact with Smith on the play.

    6:33: Jalin Marshall follows up a 5-yard carry with another run on third down for 11 yards, setting Ohio State up with another fresh set of downs.

    6:06: Dontre Wilson runs for four yards and then two yards, bringing up third-and-4 from Penn State’s 23-yard line.

    5:19: The Buckeyes take their first timeout of the second half.

    5:14: Anthony Zettel gets in on another Barrett pass, knocking his third down attempt to the ground.

    5:09: Nuernberger’s 41-yard field goal attempt goes wide, giving Penn State the ball at the 24-yard line.

    4:50: Akeel Lynch runs for seven yards.

    4:27: DaeSean Hamilton takes a reverse hand-off from Bill Belton, losing three yards and bringing up third-and-6.

    3:59: Hackenberg airs out it to Geno Lewis down the left sideline. The play results in an incompletion, but a pass interference call gives Penn State a first down.

    3:52: Mike Gesicki is hit hard, breaking up a pass that likely would have otherwise been a completion.

    3:46: Hackenberg throws a screen pass to Akeel Lynch out wide, and the running back gains three yards.

    3:01: Hackenberg finds DaeSean Hamilton over the middle and in coverage. The receiver jumps and grabs the pass right at the first down marker, moving the chains for Penn State.

    2:15: After Lynch picked up two yards on the ground, Hackenberg rolls out and throws a pass to Chris Godwin. Tyvis Powell had tight coverage and jumped in front of the route, intercepting the pass at the 30-yard line.

    2:05: Ohio State moves backward on the first play of its drive, as Ezekiel Elliot is brought down for a six-yard loss by Carl Nassib.

    1:26: The next play doesn’t go any better for the Buckeyes. Brandon Bell dodged a blocker with a cut to the inside and wrapped up Barrett, sacking him for a seven-yard loss.

    0:46: Elliot takes a carry up the middle, gaining five yards and setting up the Buckeyes’ punt team at its own 22-yard line.

    0:08: Jesse Della Valle fields the punt, fighting for six yards on the return. Penn State starts at its own 40-yard line.

    0:00: Akeel Lynch gets stopped two yards behind the line of scrimmage, ending the quarter.

    That’s the end of the third quarter. Penn State trails Ohio State, 17-7, as the team enters the fourth quarter with the ball. The Lions face second-and-12 at their own 38-yard line.


    Fourth Quarter

    14:50: Hamilton catches a pass from Hackenberg, who saw pressure on the play, but he lost three yards.

    14:10: On third down, Hackenberg is sacked for a 7-yard loss.

    13:34: Pasquariello’s punt goes out of bounds, traveling just 29 yards. The Buckeyes will start at their own 43-yard line.

    13:24: Mike Hull leaps and picks off J.T. Barrett’s long bullet to start the Buckeyes’ drive. The linebacker returned the interception 12 yards.

    13:17: Saeed Blacknall gave Penn State’s a burst of offense with a huge catch and run down the sideline, but a block below the knees by DaeSean Hamilton walks Penn State back to a first-and-20.

    12:45: After a drop by Hamilton almost resulted in a fumble, another incompletion ends with a roughing the passer call on OSU’s Joey Bosa. Penn State gets an automatic first down with the penalty.

    12:34: Hackenberg had nobody open on a rollout and threw a pass out of bounds. The next play, Akeel Lynch ran for eight yards.

    12:07: Lynch takes another carry up the middle for four yards, giving Penn State another first down.

    11:47: Blacknall falls the ground with a reception for three yards.

    11:18: Godwin gets one yard on a pass.

    11:08: Hackenberg throws deep downfield to Saeed Blacknall. The freshman won the jump-ball battle in the end zone, reeling in a touchdown reception with tight coverage by Eli Apple. That’s Blacknall’s first career touchdown.

    Tackle Donovan Smith stayed on the ground hurt after the play, but he walked off under his own power. Sam Ficken’s extra point is good.

    Penn State now trails Ohio State 17-14 with 11:08 to play in regulation.

    11:00: Dontre Wilson cuts and spins on the kickoff return, taking it back to Ohio State’s 37-yard line.

    10:25: Back-to-back 3-yard carries by Jalin Marshall and Ezekiel Elliot up third-and-4.

    9:40: Barrett finds Devin Smith for an 8-yard reception and a first down. Deion Barnes and Mike Hull converge on Dontre Wilson on the next play, dropping him for a three-yard loss.

    8:10: Penn State forces third down, and it then stops Wilson short on a carry. The Buckeyes punt on fourth-and-3, downing the ball at Penn State’s 1-yard line.

    Donovan Smith isn’t in on the offensive line as Penn State takes the field.

    8:00: DaeSean Hamilton cuts inside and takes a reception 15 yards for the first down.

    7:40: Akeel Lynch takes a run around the right side, getting five yards on the carry.

    7:05: Joey Bosa stops a Lynch run up the middle for just a two-yard gain.

    6:34: Hackenberg has his pass on third-and-3 broken up, but pass interference is called on Vonn Bell, resulting in a Penn State first down at 28-yard line.

    6:08: Consecutive Bill Belton runs are unsuccessful. The running back gained two yards and then lost two yards on the next play.

    5:27: Facing pressure, Christian Hackenberg throws behind Saeed Blacknall on third-and-10. Penn State sets up to punt.

    5:17: Danny Pasquariello’s punt takes an unfriendly bounce, resulting in 23 total yards. Ohio State will take over at its own 49-yard line after the punt was downed.

    5:13: Barrett keeps the ball on Ohio State’s first play of the drive, and C.J. Olaniyan and Nyeem Wartman converge on him for no gain.

    4:27: Mike Hull stops Ezekiel Elliot for a two-yard gain. Third-and-8 up for Ohio State now.

    3:45: Barrett barely evaded a sack in the backfield and took off. He gained a few yards but was tackled by Mike Hull behind the first down marker. It’ll be fourth-and-4 for Ohio State.

    Mike Hull is now up to 18 tackles tonight, which is a career high for the linebacker.

    2:54: Ohio State takes as much time off the clock as possible, and Della Valle takes a fair catch at the 9-yard line. Hackenberg throws an incomplete pass to Lynch to start things off.

    2:34: After a completion to Hamilton for 9 yards, Hackenberg keeps it for himself to pick up a first down.

    2:22: Godwin makes a reception on the sideline and keeps moving, but he steps out of bounds before the first down.

    2:07: Blacknall gets a reception on the left sideline but can’t get the first down.

    1:52: Hackenberg keeps it for himself, running around the left tackle for a first down.

    1:38: Hackenberg is sticking with short passes, finding Chris Godwin at the sideline. The receiver gets only 8 yards, and Penn State uses its first timeout with the ball at its 41-yard line.

    1:17: A run comes up short for the Lions, but on third down Hackenberg hits Jesse James for a five-yard reception. The tight end got out of bounds to stop the clock.

    1:10: Hackenberg gets plenty of pressure on first down and threw a dangerous ball that fell incomplete.

    1:02: Geno Lewis takes a pass behind the line and muscles his way to the first down marker. The play stopped right near the marker, and there is a review to see if Lewis reached a first down.

    0:58: It was ruled that Lewis reached the first down, and Penn State received 10 extra seconds on the game block after some confusion.

    0:47: Hackenberg is sacked for a 7-yard loss, setting up 2nd-and-17. Timeout Penn State.

    0:09: Sam Ficken lines up for a 31-yard field goal, and the kick goes through the uprights. The game is tied at 17-17 with nine seconds to play.

    Penn State’s drive went 19 plays for 77 yards.

    0:00: After Ohio State’s kickoff return caused some problems but ultimately resulted in just a 21-yard return. Ohio State takes a knee and this game is going into overtime.


    First Overtime

    –Akeel Lynch takes a run inside the 10-yard line, but a holding call takes the Lions back to the 35.

    –Hackenberg finds Hamilton for 18 yards.

    –Two plays later, Hackenberg keeps it for himself and gets the first down.

    –Hamilton makes a leaping grab for a first down at the 2-yard line.

    –After an incompletion and a 1-yard run, Penn State sets up in the Wildcat. Bell Belton goes up the middle for the touchdown, giving PSU a 24-17 lead.

    Ohio State ball

    –Elliot runs for three yards.

    –J.T. Barrett runs to the left side, taking the ball 17 yards for a first down.

    –Barrett takes it the remaining five yards on the next play for a touchdown. After the extra point, it’s 24-24.

    –A personal foul for leaping on the extra point gives OSU the ball at the 12-and-a-half yard line to start the second OT.


    Second Overtime Period

    –Elliot rushes for two yards.

    –Barrett rushes for six yards, and then gets the remaining four on the next play for the touchdown. The play is under review.

    –The play is upheld, and Ohio State takes a 31-24 lead.

    –Akeel Lynch rushes for no gain.

    –Hackenberg completes a pass to Jesse James for five yards.

    –After an incompletion to Hamilton, Hackenberg is sacked on fourth down to end the game.

    Penn State loses in two overtime periods, 31-24. DaeSean Hamilton finishes the game with 14 receptions, a new Penn State record.

    Live Blog: Penn State vs. Michigan

    First quarter:

    15:00: Penn State receives to start the game, and the kick results in a touchback.

    14:53: Bill Belton can’t find room to run on first down but Penn State gets a first down off a facemask penalty.

    11:46: Several plays later, Zach Zwinak is credited with a first down on 3rd-and-2 to move Penn State inside Michigan’s 17-yard line. The play is under review.

    After review, the play stands; first down Penn State.

    10:50: Bill Belton moves the chains again with a 10-yard reception but is then brought down behind the line a play later. The Nittany Lions face 2nd-and-goal at Michigan’s 11-yard line.

    10:12: A pass to Kyle Carter near the end zone sails incomplete. Penn State takes a timeout at the line of scrimmage before 3rd-and-goal from the 11-yard line.

    10:04: Hackenberg is sacked by Ben Gedeon at the 18-yard line, setting up a Sam Ficken field goal.

    9:28: Ficken’s 35-yard attempt is good. Penn State takes a 3-0 lead to start tonight’s game.

    Penn State’s scoring drive went 10 plays for 57 yards in 5:32.

    9:28: Sam Ficken’s kickoff goes into the end zone for a touchback.

    8:16: After a short rush and reception set up 3rd-and-3, Amara Darboh makes a spectacular, leaping catch beyond the first down marker for a 14-yard gain and a first down.

    7:08: De’Veon Smith gains three yards on the ground after an 8-yard reception for another first down.

    6:37: Devin Gardner’s deep pass is nearly intercepted, but Devin Funchess gets to the ball before safety Ryan Keiser by a split-second and takes it the rest of the way for a touchdown.

    Michigan’s extra point attempt is good; the Wolverines take a 7-3 lead.

    The Wolverines went 75 yards on six plays during that drive, which lasted 2:51.

    6:15: After taking a touchback, Penn State’s first play results in a nine-yard rush by Belton.

    4:07: Bill Belton is the highlight of Penn State’s second drive so far. He rushed four times to start the drive, and on 3rd-and-6 Hackenberg found him for an 11-yard catch-and-run, the Lions’ second first down of the drive.

    3:02: Hackenberg now finding wide receiver DaeSean Hamilton, who tallied consecutive 13-yard receptions for two more first downs.

    1:22: On 3rd-and-5, DaeSean Hamilton makes a reception but can’t get to the first down marker. 4th-and-2 upcoming for the Lions.

    0:52: Sam Ficken converts his 32-yard field goal attempt after the Nittany Lions use their second timeout. Michigan still leads, 7-6.

    Penn State’s drive went 11 plays for 60 yards in 5:45.

    0:01: Michigan faces a 3rd-13 after a rush for a loss and an incompletion started its drive from the 29-yard line.

    0:00: Gardner finds Darboh cutting to the right for a 21-yard completion. First down Michigan.

    That’s the end of the first quarter. The Wolverines lead 7-6 and will start the second quarter at their own 47-yard line when play resumes.


    Second quarter

    14:20: Michigan digs itself into a hole with a holding penalty and a run for no gain, setting up 2nd-and-20.

    13:58: Anthony Zettel leaps and picks off Gardner at Michigan’s own 33-yard line.

    13:50: Hackenberg wastes no time and enters the red zone on a 20-yard completion to DaeSean Hamilton.

    11:58: Michigan forces a third down, but Hackenberg  finds Hamilton cutting to the middle of the end zone for a 10-yard touchdown pass.

    Sam Ficken’s PAT is good and the Nittany Lions take a 13-7 lead.

    The Lions’ drive, which started with great field position after Zettel’s INT, lasted four plays, spanning 28 yards in two minutes.

    11:52: Dennis Norfleet, who was hurt earlier in the game, took Ficken’s kickoff 24 yards to Michigan’s 24 to start the Wolverines’ next drive.

    10:24: Michigan reaches 3rd-and-3 and the elusive Gardner got just enough yardage for a first down.

    9:45: Darboh picks up an 11-yard reception for another Wolverines first down.

    7:55: After De’Veon Smith gets nowhere on a run, Michigan is flagged with a false start. Justice Hayes then runs up the middle for four yards, setting up 3rd-and-11.

    7:32: Gardner avoids pressure and lofts a pass to Darboh for a 20-yard catch and a first down.

    6:12: Gardner gets sacked for a loss of one before running for a yard. 3rd-and-10 now.

    5:13: Jake Butt gets eight yards on a Gardner pass, and Michigan lines up to go for it on fourth down before taking a timeout. The ball is on Penn State’s 28-yard line.

    5:08: The Wolverines exit the timeout with their field goal unit taking the field. Matt Wile hits his 45-yard try to cut Penn State’s lead to 13-10.

    Michigan took 6:50 off the clock on that drive, which spanned 11 plays and 48 yards.

    5:04: Grant Haley fields Michigan’s kickoff in the end zone and takes it 20 yards before getting tripped up.

    4:45: DaeSean Hamilton goes in motion and takes a sweep play just one yard.

    4:05: Akeel Lynch finds room up the middle and picks up eight yards, setting up 3rd-and-1.

    3:54: Hackenberg gets a first down on a keeper play, gaining two yards.

    3:05: Two plays later, the pocket collapses on Hackenberg on 2nd-and-10 and he is sacked for a loss of three yards.

    2:34: Hackenberg looks deep but sees his pass fall incomplete. Chris Gulla comes out the punt for the first time tonight.

    2:27: Gulla’s punt goes 36 yards as Michigan’s Norfleet makes a fair catch at his own 36-yard line.

    1:02: Michigan takes its second timeout on 3rd-and-8. Devin Gardner started the drive with a two-yard completion to Funchess and a rush for no gain.

    0:56: Devin Gardner can’t get the ball out before Deion Barnes drops him for a sack. Penn State uses its final timeout to stop the clock, and the Wolverines will punt from their own 32-yard line.

    0:46: Michigan’s punt is downed at Penn State’s 30-yard line.

    0:42: Geno Lewis gets his first reception of the night near the sideline for an 8-yard gain.

    0:37: Hackenberg’s throw to Chris Godwin is too low and the Lions are looking at a 3rd-and-2.

    0:30: Hackenberg finds Lewis again, but he is marked just short of the first down marker.

    0:03: Michigan calls timeout just before halftime.

    0:00: Penn State uses the stopped clock to run one more play, and Hackenberg is sacked to end the half.

    That’s halftime in Ann Arbor. Penn State leads Michigan 13-10.


    Some halftime stats:

    Penn State has 149 total yards (94 passing, 55 rushing) while Michigan has 142 (138 passing, 4 rushing).

    The Nittany Lions are also a perfect 3-for-3 inside the red zone, with two Sam Ficken field goals and a reception by DaeSean Hamilton.

    Christian Hackenberg and Devin Gardner have both been efficient for the most part. Hackenberg is 11-of-15 for 94 yards and a touchdown, while Gardner has gone 11-for-13 through the air for 138 yards for a touchdown and an interception.

    Bill Belton has a game-high 55 rushing yards on eight carries. Michigan hasn’t done much on the ground, as Justice Hayes’ single carry for four yards leads the team.

    DaeSean Hamilton leads the Lions with six catches for 61 yards, while the Wolverines are led by Amara Darboh’s four catches for 66 yards.


    Third quarter

    15:00: Michigan receives to begin the second half and takes a touchback.

    14:56: Gardner can’t connect with Funchess and throws incomplete.

    14:48: Gardner pulls the ball down and runs, gaining two yards.

    14:17: Mike Hull comes around the blind side and jumps on Gardner’s back, bringing him down behind the line of scrimmage. Michigan faces 4th-and-5.

    13:49: Jesse Della Valle calls for a fair catch on the punt, and Penn State will take over at its own 42-yard line.

    13:21: After Belton picked up four yards, Michigan scores on what appeared to be a fumble recovery on a forward pass during the next play. The play is under review.

    After further review, the ruling on the field is reversed. Delonte Hollowell scooped up the ball after it hit the ground, and the officials confirm Hackenberg threw a forward pass, so it is incomplete.

    13:23: A false start penalty pushes Penn State back to 3rd-and-11, and Hackenberg can’t hit Saeed Blacknall down the right sideline.

    13:16: Chris Gull punts the ball 42 yards, and Michigan will take over at its own 17-yard line following a fair catch.

    13:08: Gardner faked a hand-off and ran the opposite way, finding room and gaining 25 yards. First down.

    12:42: Gardner then finds De’Veon Smith, who works his way past the first down marker for a 13-yard pick-up.

    12:16: Gardner faked another hand-off and found no room to run, gaining just one yard on first down.

    11:02: Michigan faces 4th-and-2 after a Devin Funchess reception is followed up by an incompletion down the right sideline. The ball is on Penn State’s 38.

    10:58: The Wolverines go for it, but tight coverage by Trevor Williams helps Gardner’s pass to Amara Darboh fall incomplete. Penn State will take over at its own 38-yard line.

    10:00: Hackenberg completes two passes in a row and Zach Zwinak rushes for three yards to move the chains. First down Penn State.

    9:30: Penn State moves into Michigan territory with a seven-yard catch by tight end Kyle Carter.

    8:05: Two plays after Hackenberg’s eight-yard pass to Mike Gesicki moved the chains, Penn State faces 3rd-and-11.

    8:00: Hackenberg overthrows Chris Godwin down the left sideline. With the ball at Michigan’s 37-yard line, Chris Gulla lines up to punt.

    7:56: Penn State fakes the punt on a direct snap and hand-off to Grant Haley, who can’t turn the corner. After the failed attempt on fourth down, Michigan takes over at its own 39.

    6:17: The Wolverines go three-and-out quickly. De’Veon Smith’s two-yard carry and Devin Funchess’ seven-yard reception gave them a short third down attempt, but Gardner was brought down for no gain to set up a punt.

    5:56: Michigan downs its punt at Penn State’s six-yard line, handing the Nittany Lions tough field position to work with.

    5:47: Jesse James takes a pass and gains a few extra yards with several players clinging to him, ultimately gaining 16 yards and a first down.

    4:02: After two Akeel Lynch carries gave Penn State a 3rd-and-4, things went from bad to worse for the Nittany Lions. They were flagged for holding on the play, but it was declines after a pressured Hackenberg was picked off by Jourdan Lewis. Michigan takes over at Penn State’s 28-yard line.

    2:55: Michigan still can’t get much going, as De’Veon Smith takes two carries for three yards to start the Wolverines’ drive.

    2:35: Russell Bellomy, in at quarterback for Michigan, throws incomplete to Darboh. Fourth down.

    2:30: Matt Wile converts his 42-yard field goal attempt, tying the game at 13-13.

    Michigan’s drive lasted just 1:32, as it picked up three yards on four plays.

    2:25: Grant Haley takes the kickoff to Penn State’s 23-yard line.

    2:18: DaeSean Hamilton loses three yards on a reception and after the play a holding call is declined.

    1:57: Hackenberg is hurried and throws incomplete. Third down coming up.

    1:51: On third down, Hackenberg runs to his right and can’t connect on a pass toward the sideline.

    1:45: Chris Gulla’s punt is short and goes out of bounds at Penn State’s own 46-yard line.

    1:41: Russell Bellomy passes to start Michigan’s drive and nearly winds up throwing a pick-six. Mike Hull runs into the short pass in stride but can’t reel it in. Timeout on the field for a Michigan injury.

    0:44: Two Justice Hayes runs hands Michigan a 4th-and-9, as some fans boo to show their displeasure as the punting unit takes the field.

    0:18: Penn State takes over at the 20 after the punt goes into the end zone.

    0:11: Bill Belton can’t get anywhere on a run up the middle.

    The third quarter ends with both teams knotted up at 13-13. Penn State is looking at a 2nd-and-10 from its own 20-yard line when the fourth quarter begins.


    Fourth quarter

    13:39: Penn State’s offense continues to sputter, as it is forced to punt. And Chris Gulla’s punt travels only 29 yards, setting Michigan up with great field position once again, this time at Penn State’s 49.

    13:05: Devin Gardner re-enters the game at quarterback for Michigan and quickly sparks the Wolverines. After an incompletion, he finds Norfleet, who makes a move and picks up 24 yards and a first down.

    11:58: The Wolverines are faced with 3rd-and-5, and Gardner’s pass goes over Devin Funchess’ head and out of bounds.

    11:24: Matt Wile’s 37-yard field goal is good, giving Michigan a 16-13 lead early in the fourth quarter.

    Michigan’s drive; six plays and 29 yards in 2:15.

    The attendance at tonight’s game is announced at 113,085.

    11:24: A touchback will set Penn State up at the 25-yard line for this drive.

    11:18: Geno Lewis catches a pass near the sideline and picks up eight yards to start the drive.

    10:52: Bill Belton works his way through the middle for seven yards and a first down.

    9:43: On second down, Bill Belton gets five yards on a reception but can’t get the first down.

    9:18: On third-and-2, Hackenberg gets just enough a keeper to move the chains. First down Penn State.

    8:52: Penn State uses its first timeout of the second half. The ball is on Michigan’s 49-yard line.

    7:14: Penn State barely moves the ball on its next set of downs, as Hackenberg saw pressure on consecutive pass plays to force fourth down. After a fair catch, Michigan gets the ball back at its own 14-yard line.

    6:19: Michigan is sticking to the run on this drive, moving up to a 3rd-and-1 after two carries.

    5:52: First down Michigan. De’Veon Smith runs up the middle and finds room for a 7-yard carry.

    4:28: The Wolverines continue to run the ball before going to the air on third-and-4. Gardner can’t find Devin Funchess, though, and the Wolverines will punt.

    3:44: An illegal blocking penalty brings back a nice punt return, so Penn State will start at its own 8-yard line after the Michigan punt.

    3:05: A Hackenberg completion to Blacknall for a first down is followed up with a three-yard carry by Belton. The clock continues to tick.

    2:31: Hackenberg is pressured and then called for intentional grounding. The Lions now face third-and-long.

    2:20: Hackenberg is thrown down inside Penn State’s 5-yard line on third down, setting up a 4th-and-32 and a punt by Penn State.

    1:43: Penn State calls a timeout.

    1:41: The snap goes out of the end zone and results in a Michigan safety. The Wolverines now lead 18-13.

    1:41: Michigan calls a timeout as Penn State lines up for the safety kick. The Nittany Lions have one timeout remaining, while the Wolverines have two remaining.

    1:41: Penn State appeared to have recovered an onside kick, which featured both Chris Gulla and Sam Ficken on the field. But an offsides penalty negates the play.

    1:39: Michigan recovers without a problem the second time around, all but ending the game.

    1:30: The Nittany Lions use their final timeout after a rush for no gain.

    1:20: De’Veon Smith rushes for seven yards on second down and the clock will continue to run.

    0:35: Smith gets four yards and a first down.

    0:08: Devin Gardner takes a knee and the game ends. Michigan wins, 18-13.

    VIDEO: Penn State coach James Franklin press conference after Blue-White game

    Depth at defensive line

    Wildcat formation

    Beaver Stadium atmosphere

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